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Do The Right Thing And Satisfy Your Soul?

If you do the right thing you engender longevity, if you take short cuts then you risk oblivion in network marketing. At the end of the day you have to put yourself in the position so that you satisfy your soul and feel good about what you are doing and how you are doing it. So what does this mean for the average person?

Well, we all like to take the shortest route available if we can, but sometimes that means cheating or deceiving people or yourself along the way. If you do either of those two things, then you can give rise to mistrust and you will never be able to build trust and honest relationships. you must always take the high road and do the right thing. 

To do the right thing means to study, practice and then teach those wonderful success principles that are proven to work already. By all means become innovative, but there is no requirement to re-invent the wheel, because there are many simple techniques and ideas already on the table.

If you go down the wrong path and engage in some untried technique, complicated procedure or undesirable practice, then you are possibly headed for disaster or you may well short circuit the whole system in a very big way. 

do the right thingNow you may well have a fantastic idea, but run it by the leader first to ensure compatibility with an already proven pattern of working. 

To do the right thing makes you feel good inside and keeps you in an excellent frame of mind. Personally I want to know that what I do is good for all and everyone can benefit in some way. To satisfy your soul always act honestly and with absolute integrity. If you make a mistake, accept it, apologise and move on.

Remember it is ok to make mistakes, but you will cut down the chances of making those errors if you consult, brainstorm and mastermind with the right people on a regular basis.

To do the right thing is most definitely a mindset thing and it will always be part of a massive  learning curve ongoing that you will be part of. It is expedient to do the right thing, it may not be profitable or easy, but we should do the best we can in any given circumstance.


Refusing to dodge short cuts, does not mean you are moving too slow. You can still develop rapid growth, but there is a price to be enjoyed (or was it paid) on your way to the top. Sometimes taking short cuts means that you are leaving a big chunk of knowledge behind.

However there is a balance to be struck here. Yes, you will always do the right thing, but never get in the position where you are seen as 'knowledge on ice'  but rather 'ignorance on fire.' The first one smacks of a lack of action, the second appears to show you are moving forward and ignoring over analysis.

 You do need to think smart and outside of the box on a consistent basis, but just be aware of the effect you are having by what you engage in.

An example of how to do the right thing may be, refusing to talk negatively in front of your team. Yes, you are going to have gripes and challenges at some stage and this is a part of your journey, but your group should never, ever find out.

You do the right thing by taking these hurdles, problems and obstacles to the up line leader and not sharing those with your organisation.

So in essence always do the right thing, because not only is it effective and efficient in the long term, but it will make you a stronger and wiser leader and it is easy to duplicate.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey 

Attraction Marketing System

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