Do Not Confuse Activity With Accomplishment

Do Not Confuse Activity With Accomplishment. Because It Will Cost You Dearly.

Do Not Confuse Activity With Accomplishment. Is this something that you have done before. You bet your life you have, and so have I along with everyone else.

The key is to reduce the worthless activity to such an extent, so that it is not worth worrying or even thinking about. So how do we become embroiled in plain activity and ignore accomplishing anything of value?do not confuse activity with accomplishment

In our industry of MLM and network marketing, it is very easy to put things off. e.g. ‘I must tidy the office and my papers before I speak to those prospects on the telephone.’ Have you and I both done this before, absolutely. Will we continue to do this, yes probably, but hopefully not as badly.

I think we have to accept that we will always put some things off. Some people have all this down to a fine art, so in fact, they never achieve anything because they are always getting ready. Does this sound familiar to you. It’s ok, we have all been there, so don’t beat yourself up, just improve your results.

But a word of warning here, if you don’t have goals, a massive action plan, desire and strong reasons, then you will continue your old ways and will basically fail in your business.

If you WRITE DOWN a list of your goals where you can see them all of the time, this will help to cut down on wasted energy.

Get a sense of urgency going and add a date to the list this will assist you greatly.

I used to watch people at work walking around with a piece of paper attempting to look busy, but what they were in fact doing was counting down the seconds, minutes and hours before they could escape to go home, how pathetic is that. If I had felt like that about my job I would have left.

There are thousands of people doing that in the home business arena, lying to themselves that they have a business. You have to get busy and get your hands dirty if you want to make it in this industry. You have to get on with the right things in the right way.

Let me give you a clue here. There are people who start a blog and only add a few entries and either quit or lose interest. What a waste of effort on their part. I have to inform those lazy people that you have to get out of your comfort zone and dig in.

You have to become unreasonable and do some things that others aren’t willing to do. If you are not prepared to do that, then my advice is to get out of this industry and leave to people who care and are working their nuts off. But there are some people who genuinely do not know where to start or they may be in a rut.

My advice is take some time off and go and have some fun. When I want a break music and comedy are my releases. Yours may be running, walking or going down the bar/pub for a drink, whatever it may be, find out so you can start enjoying yourself, rather than getting in a rut.

Between the activity and the accomplishment is a big void and the way that you fill that void up is with meaningful things. So if you are looking for more results then you should be working on a game plan for your business, without neglecting all the other quality areas of your life so that balance rules.

If you are struggling in the area of accomplishment, then by all means contact me. I will assist anyone who is genuine and in need of help. I won’t do it for you but I will point you in the right direction.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Do Not Confuse Activity With Accomplishment

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