Distractions Destroy Results

Distractions Destroy Results. You Had Better Believe It.

If I told you that distractions destroy results, what would be your view of that statement? I hope you would agree that if you take your mind away from what you are doing, it is very difficult to return to back on the same project with the same intensity or application.

There are three words that spring to mind here, focus, precision and concentration. I find that when I am hindered or there is an interruption, whether it is by a loved one, work colleague or something like the telephone, my mind starts wandering and I lose the power to zero back in on a task.


How Do You Avoid Losing Focus?

I tell people closest to me what I am doing and hide myself away. If I don’t want to lose focus I turn the telephone, cell/mobile phone and social media off. You cannot remove all distractions, but you can shut off the majority.

The other thing I do is work in 50 minute time chunks. I normally set aside at least three of these during my working day. I take plenty of breaks in between and that way I don’t get distracted or restless.

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Precision And Concentration

Personally for me to be able to achieve anything useful I need to concentrate fully. I like to be precise and if I lose momentum on a project it is so hard to get going again.

I add in exercise, music, fun and nutrition into my work hours and this asssits me to enjoy my time at work. I love writing and these interventions just make life a little bit more pleasant instead or arduous.

In Summary

Do your level best to enjoy your day. learn to work hard and play hard. Avoid leading a boring life during your work day. By doing this you will deal with distractions much easier and focus will be simple and attainable.

I used to become agitated when there was interference in my day, now I am more calm and able to getback into the game rapidly, so being relaxed helps also.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Distractions destroy results.

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