Develop Real Business Relationships

Develop Real Business Relationships That Matter

Encourage team members to connect and develop real business relationships within as well as outside the group.

It is very easy for people to feel alone in network marketing. Those same people will not remain in your particular program, if they don’t feel a valuable member of team.develop real business relationships

Not every person has success out of the gate, so you have to build rapport over time and support your new team member. You want to make sure everyone feels like they are part of a team. HOW?

Well, you have to work at it basically. Encouragement, promotion, praise, and edification are very important tools here. Encourage your team members and especially new people to take part in team calls and webinars etc. Promote every call, event, and useful reading material.

Stay in touch either personally or by email. One to One is the best by far. If a team member does something well then praise them and let everybody know. But you must use this sparingly otherwise it dilutes and loses its power and effectiveness.

Also at every available opportunity edify your team members. For example, if you were at an event you could introduce your team member to a top leader. ‘Hi John this is Andy, he is from London, he is new and doing a fantastic job here. I just thought I would introduce you to him.’ Now how do you think Andy is going to feel?

I will let you work that one out. So what do we mean when we say, develop real business relationships? It is something that must be natural to everyone. It is a gradual process of building business relationships and involves developing the many facets of communication, such as, visual, verbal and listening skills.

Build rapport with other people on a daily basis. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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