Develop Incredible Social Skills

So How Do You Develop Incredible Social Skills?

The ability to develop incredible social skills is an absolute must. Improving your social etiquette is something that is very valuable to arm yourself during next year and beyond, some simple and effective social skills. So what are some of these components and how do we learn and use them?develop incredible social skills

These skills are there for everyone to work on and most of them relate to communication.

1. Build rapport with people by concentrating on the dialogue that you are having with them. In other words, focus on that person and do not allow distractions to break your concentration. If someone is worth talking to they are worth all of your attention, so do not let your mind wander.

2. Look the person in the eye when you are talking to them. This shows that you really do want to hear what they have to say. Engage people in great conversations that allow both people to speak and share ideas. Making sure that each person’s point of view is understood, but not necessarily agreed with. You can agree to disagree, without being obnoxious or upsetting anyone.

3. Consider someone’s personal space and do not enter their intimate zone until invited. There is a big difference between social space and their intimate space.

4. Use conversation generosity and do not interrupt people.

5. When it is your turn to speak make sure your dialogue is genuine, honest and authentic.

6. Be someone worth talking to by being enthusiastic, informative and interesting.

7. Know your subject thoroughly by showing knowledge, belief, and passion.

Obviously, you could add to this list very easily, but this would be a great beginning. So start today to develop incredible social skills and watch your improvements in that fantastic area of dialogue.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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