Develop A Defiant Attitude

So Why Don’t You Develop A Defiant Attitude?

Sometimes it pays to be daring and just go for it. People might refer to this as spontaneity, but I would call it courage and boldness. Develop a defiant attitude.

I think it is exciting to become a rebel on occasions and develop a defiant attitude, as long as this posture is channelled in the right direction for you.

So why don’t you show a little defiance towards those others who bring you down or are poisonous to be around.

Distance yourself from the nay sayers and the people who just put you down at every given opportunity. So show some open disregard for mediocrity, negativity and anyone else who is not supportive.

Being Defiant Does Not Mean Re-Inventing The Wheel

Obviously there have been many more successful people that have gone before you in your network marketing business.

So by all means show a challenging attitude or behavior, but follow the well trodden path, process or system, that is already in place and working well.

There is a fine balance between a healthy defiant posture and going it on your own or rocking the boat. All winners show defiance at times, some call it arrogance, but they always know how to balance their resistance with becoming a great team player.develop-a-defiant-attitude

Also defiance can give off bad vibrations if used incorrectly and I really do not want to go down this road at all. You should always have a cutting edge and use defiance for improvement purposes, innovation and creativity. But you must avoid becoming obnoxious or have the attitude that conveys that you are better than anyone else.

Defiance can be utilized for the good of everyone in your team, as long as you keep a tight rein on it and it remains under your close control. If you pull this off, defiance can be one of the most useful tools in your arsenal.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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