Live Life Like You Mean It!

Live Life Don’t Meander Through Your Time Here

Ask yourself this question, “Could you be described as a determined type of person?” Yes or No? Determination is where the winners differentiate from the losers and the mediocre.

In my humble opinion, you have to know where you are going and live life like you mean it. Have fun, but be serious about the outcome, otherwise nothing will change, will it?

Mean What You Say And Say What You Mean

I think that definiteness and precision are vital components, whilst building a network marketing business. You become very powerful when you actually mean what you say and follow through on your commitment.

It absolutely useless saying one thing and meaning another, because you are just telling someone else what you think they need to hear. A lot of people are weak when it comes to resolve. You must ensure that resolve becomes one of your strongest

Some people refer to resolve with this quote, “I will do it or die trying.” or something similar. Now no-one is suggesting that you actually give your life for your business, that would be insane, but you must become tenacious and have a commitment to completion or your outcome.

Let Us Test Your Resolve Now

What I would like you to do is write down 5 worthwhile things, achievements, awards, examination passes etc that you have achieved over the last 5 years. Make a list and place them in a prominent position, where you will see them many times in a single day. This could be referred to as your victory list.

Now look at that list and ask yourself this question, “Did these 5 things make me feel proud and did they give me the feel good factor?” The victory list one of those things that will keep you going when times are tough. If you do not have a list, why not? I think you may have some work to do to catch up, don’t you?

If you haven’t achieved very much before then start compiling your list today. There is absolutely no time like the present. We all have to start somewhere, so get it going my friend

In Summary

The key here is about giving yourself a platform to elevate yourself up and to get into the frame of mind that you are on the path to improvement and growth. But you must get going now, because there is only now. Live life on purpose.

It is crucial that you determine to live your life like you mean it. Don’t start one day and then quit. Make a decision to be effective at just one thing, plan it and then execute your plan ruthlessly, but make sure it is with with a genuine smile on your face. The feelings that you will receive will be fantastic and remember that the knock on effect on your psyche will pay dividends for years to come.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Live life like you mean it.