Defeat That Overwhelmed Feeling

Defeat That Overwhelmed Feeling. Take On One Thing At A Time

Defeat that overwhelmed Feeling today by clearing the decks, both mentally and physically. You will never reach or maintain peak performance without changing your approach to your life or business. This process may have to be dramatic and rapid, as you may have already reached the point of no return.

It is very easy to go from decisive to indecisive or calmness to anxiety. People can become worried, confused and anguished in a short space of time, if confronted with a lack of control, coupled together with too many choices and commitments. If left unchecked stress and fatigue could quite easily occur.

Don’t Expect Perfection. Strive For Progression

Normally perfection is usually unobtainable, however it doesn’t mean you should stop striving to become the best that you can be. Sometimes our expectations are unrealistically high and that leads to procrastination and negativity. What we should be aiming for is constant improvement through continuous action.

When you start something new or you need to realign your venture or project. Then I would strongly suggest embarking on a mental spring clean. First of all implement something like meditation into your work day, sounds a bit weird, but trust me it will boost your productivity and mindset tremendously. Take on one thing at a time and master it, then add a second, maybe some form of exercise.overwhelmed-feeling

You will produce more if you are focused and take care of yourself during the work day. Introduce time blocking also, this is where you work for 50 minutes and take 10 off, as an example. After 2 or 3 such sessions, go and take a break and do something completely different. The result is your productivity will go through the roof. If you are learning something new, you will be able to absorb much more during a day, if you break the day up into segments.

If you were going to learn marketing, you wouldn’t go and buy every book and course on marketing. You would blow your mind and quit shortly afterwards. Yes you need to take action, learn, progress and achieve, but take one step at a time. It takes time to learn your craft and become an expert. Perfection isn’t going to happen, but permanence will happen, if you ease into things slowly and take logical steps, one after another. So, in the case of marketing, it would be smart of you to learn just one subject at a time.

Any time You Feel Under Pressure back Off.

I look at it this way, ever hour is a new hour. Start each 60 minutes fresh and with enthusiasm. The reason you do this is because things go wrong. Have you ever said to yourself, “I have wasted the whole morning and haven’t achieved anything.” But if you split your day up into parts, you can recover your day and still make it a success. There will always be interruptions, just learn to reduce distractions gradually and improve on your productivity over time.

Always clear your mind at the end and the start of every day and week. Many years ago I was a domestic violence police office, with a large case load. I never had more than one file open on my desk. I would work on a case for a while and close it up and put it back in the filing cabinet, before either having a break or getting another case file out. I took plenty of breaks and kept things easy going. I learned how avoid that feeling of being totally overwhelmed. The upside for me was effectiveness, efficiency and greater results. You can do this to.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Defeat that overwhelmed feeling.