Decision Is The Ultimate Power

So Is Decision Is The Ultimate Power?

Well guys try it and find out. No seriously I have found that my vibrations change when I make a definite decision. Decision is the ultimate power.

Sometimes you find yourself in all sorts of places that you really don't want to be at or in. No guys I am not talking about a brothel and Ladies I am not talking about the Mall. (If I upset you, you will get over it.)

Let's keep it sensible here, oh, ok let's not.

When I made a decision to train for the London Marathon. I went from being unable to run a mile to running over 26 miles. Once I had made the decision the goal was reached because I could see it clearly in my own mind. The critical key and the ultimate power came from the decision I made.

decision is the ultimate power

Once I had made that quality decision I then set some outstanding plans in place. Then the last part and arguably the hardest, was the implementation of that massive action plan. But the power most definitely came from a great decision I made.

But how about you, what quality decisions have you made in the past or have you made a brilliant decision in the last few days?

How did you feel when you made that decision? I bet you felt excited, empowered and on a high.

So if you want to feel astonishingly powerful make some spectacular decisions about your future.

Make 2012 your year and remember that decision is the ultimate power. But it is only worthwhile if you then go on to create superb plans and take amazing action immediately.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey