Decide Not To Stay Down

Decide Not To Stay Down When You Fail

Come on guys, we have all been there, something happens that isn’t good and what do we do? There are a tremendous amount of people who stay down on the floor getting kicked, instead of rising up immediately and just climbing back on the horse.decide not to stay down

The only person who can hurt you really is yourself. Of course you are going to fail over and over again, but it is the rare person who keeps turning up, hopefully, a little smarter each time, who will win this race. It will not be the person who when confronted with an obstacle and quits when facing that first hurdle, who is going to lift the cup, make the money, pass the exam or finish the marathon. It is the person with the winning mentality, who keeps chipping away at the mountain who will eventually conquer it.

So ask yourself this vital question, ‘Am I a quitter or am I a winner? It is that simple.

Unfortunately, most people are quitters. They get knocked down and stay there. Only a few get up and fight again. On occasions, I was hit hard in boxing training and went down, but believe me, it was more embarrassing to stay on the ground that it was to get up.

In athletics, you win some races and lose some, but you always bounced back. The environment was always positive, so it was easy to continue.

In soccer/football, the other team would score. Did we ever give up? Well I know that I didn’t I was determined to get back into the game and score a goal quickly. The bottom line is to keep going. There will be setbacks, but it is about how you deal with adversity that matters. I always chose to keep on keeping on.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

Muhammed Ali

Decide Not To Stay Down