Daily Commitment Holds It All Together

Daily Commitment To Your Massive Action Plan. Core Skill Number 3

Daily commitment is where the work is completed. Mental toughness takes you from beginner to resilience. Laser focus is always in front of you as a kick ass reminder. But committing every day is the cement that binds it all together. Without this dedication or activity a successful outcome is definitely not assured. In fact let’e be honest here and say that it is improbable.

Daily commitment keeps you on your game and involved. Its like developing a habit. I always thought that you could crack any habit in 14 to 21 days. On average though it takes 66 days of action to fix it in your psyche. So to be on the safe side I would strongly suggest 90 straight days of gigantic action. Doing the right things with precision, dedication and tenacity can overcome any challenge

I have a sporting background, so daily involvement is normal to me. In fact if I am not doing something useful every day towards a goal then I feel that the day has been wasted. Now anything worthwhile will require you and me to hit it hard and consistently, if we want to win or accomplish something that what we really want..daily-commitment

So persistence every day will eventually get you to your destination. There are no excuses here only results. You have to keep chipping away with that hammer until you get where you want to go. The sad thing is most of you won’t continue training, practicing or working away at your dream. Just remember that daily consistency is your main battle plan. Write it down and keep good records and you will see a difference. I promise you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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3 Crucial Core Skills That Are Demanded

A. Mental toughness

B. Laser Focus

C. Daily Commitment