Cutting Edge Entrepreneurs

Who are these cutting edge entrepreneurs. Why is being one so important today?

Cutting edge entrepreneurs are unique. The internet is full of people peddling their wares and it takes quite some time to sift out the wheat from the chaff.cutting edge entrepreneurs

We all want to earn money on the internet, but we do not want to be conned, swindled or waste our money on some useless product. ‘Cutting edge entrepreneurs’ seek out the quality opportunities to pin their colours to and then learn how to market that opportunity. IT PAYS TO BE SAVVY

Hold your horses here and realise that YOU have the power to make a decision about YOUR future. This means selecting a business that suits you and not what someone else suggests that you should do. Make sure you stay in control of your finances and take full responsibility for any decisions.

As a network marketer I have to feel comfortable when bringing in a new person into my business. I do not want them wasting their money and I want them to feel at home. Now the only way you are going to stay with a company is because that company is providing you with what you are looking for.

I except that not everyone is the same, but generally you could pigeon hole a group of wants, desires and most of them would probably fall somewhere on your list. But what do these ‘cutting edge entrepreneurs’ look for in a business, because that is always a good indicator that a specific business opportunity is one to watch and then maybe join.

Cutting edge entrepreneurs pay attention to:-

1. The Product(s) One of the most important factors is the pricepoint of the product. You see a lot of companies take a look at the distributor force and set their price or prices to satisfy their financial needs.

I believe that the price should only be important to one person and that is the consumer. Because if you do not keep them happy, then basically you have no business.

Remember the prices that companies charged in 2006-8 are not really suitable for today’s market, are they. Prices have to be constantly reviewed and altered accordingly, to stay on top of the market.

It is a judgement call that ‘cutting edge entrepreneurs’ appear to get right most of the time, mainly because they remain flexible in their approach to the current economic climate.

So what about you, do you pay the $2500 they are asking or do you look for a better quality product for less than $500, because that is what I did. Just as important is the quality of the product and will it impress the consumer, when they get their hands on it. I can tell you that this was a big one for me, because I do not want to have any returns to the company, although a good refund policy is also a key component of any sales process.

2. The Compensation Plan Cutting edge entrepreneurs love a  perpetual leverage compensation model. This combines money now (direct sales) with long term residual compensation.

In other words, this puts money in your pocket immediately and provides large amounts of money in the future.

The Perpetual leverage compensation plan has proven to be very lucrative when utilized in conjunction a plug an play compensation plan. This compensation plan has that high level of gratification that comes with earning large commissions both directly and from multiple levels of your sales organization.

3. The Company Cutting edge entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for companies that offer something different, maybe a fresh new approach which appeals to many people such as the subject of philanthropy. The company must be innovative, honest, ethical and open to scrutiny by anyone.

For example, the company that I am involved in is heavily into philanthropy and charges it’s distributors $39.95 to use it’s system monthly. All of this money goes to providing clean water to people around the world who need it, which was a massive attraction for me.

Cutting edge entrepreneurs also look towards the management team and ask themselves the question, ‘Do these people know what they are doing?’ I think that this is critical because of the time and money invested by people.

So watch these sharp individuals, these cutting edge entrepreneurs and look out for where they hang their hats, it may pay you to follow them. Is it also important to become one as well.

Anyway I think it is.  Whilst you are busy getting started and learning the ropes, hang on to their coat tails and do not let them shake you off until you are ready.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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