How To Overcome A Crisis Of Confidence Part II

How To Overcome A Crisis Of Confidence. 

Well the first thing I have to say is that each person is a unique individual and their experiences are totally different. Your “crisis of confidence”  will be specific to you and you only. So it makes perfect sense that the way you overcome your crisis in confidence, will be original to you also.crisis of confidence

I can only tell you what I did or are doing to overcome my “crisis of confidence” and hopefully it may guide you in the right direction. I cannot go into a great amount of detail here, but below are a few things that have helped me become more confident.

Remember a  “crisis of confidence”  can be triggered by one event or triggered by setbacks or a series of bad experiences. It is going to take some considerable time to shift the balance from a lack of confidence to a healthy confident lifestyle.

Surround Yourself With A Great Support Team

You have to spend your precious time with the people who make you feel good and those individuals who praise, compliment and spread good cheer. Now this can be in person or on the telephone an it can even be without their knowledge of your predicament.

They may never know that you are suffering at all. It is just great being in the presence of cool, relaxed, excited people and this definitely rubs off on you as well.

On the other hand you must show the red card or stay away from people who will bring you down or who are negative in nature, whether they are friends, work colleagues, relatives or in fact a partner/significant other.

Boring, nasty or whining people will keep you in your  “crisis of confidence”  much longer, so wave that magic wand and say, be gone.

Make Gratitude A Vital Component In Your Life

When you break your life down, it is much better that you think it is. There are many things that you can be thankful and grateful for and you should concentrate on gratitude big time.

For me I had my health, I could see, hear, talk, walk and run, so that was a fabulous start to each new day. So remind yourself daily about how good things really are. You may want to consider writing your thoughts in a gratitude journal as well, so you can actually see it written on paper.

Change Your Thoughts, Language And Eliminate The Monkey Chatter

This was probably the one area of my life where I have made the biggest change and that has changed me for the better. I now think confidently, talk confidently and I have virtually eliminated all self doubt and poisonous talk and thoughts from my mind.

Negative  stuff creeps in on occasions, but now thankfully quite rarely. You can actually talk yourself into a “crisis of confidence”

Spend Time Listening And Watching Confident Speakers

Choose your mentors, coaches and teachers wisely on your quest to improve your confidence levels. I chose Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield as the people to influence and lift me up. Go check them all out on YouTube.

I also listened to a specific audio on confidence by Paul McKenna, which came with his book. 

Read Inspirational And Uplifting Material Daily

Make sure you select material that will uplift, inspire and feed your mind great material. Again choose your authors carefully, such as Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra and Dale Carnegie or similar. 

Focus On An Upbeat Project Or Goal

This helped tremendously by taking small baby steps towards rebuilding outstanding confidence. I set goals in the areas of business, diet and exercise. It takes time but stick with it and results will happen

Consider Exercise, Meditation And Relaxation As Powerful Tools

If you want to improve your moods, feelings and emotions, then start to exercise today, whether that is going for a stroll, jogging, cycling or swimming. Exercise is one of the most powerful feel good tools available.

If you can also add some affirmations, meditation and relaxation in there also, that would be amazing.

In Summary

All the above items, actions or suggestions are helping me destroy my “crisis of confidence”  and hopefully they may assist you to. Unfortunately due to time and space on the page I couldn’t go into too much detail, but I hope you got the idea how these things helped me.

Know this though, you cannot bury your “crisis of confidence”  ,you have to work on it gradually and I promise you the hard work will pay off for you if you are tenacious and consistent enough.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

How To Overcome A Crisis Of Confidence? Part I 

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