Create Emotional Involvement In Your Business

You Need Emotional Involvement To Keep On Target

When I talk about emotional involvement I am referring to your business opportunity or passion.

I have some news for you, if you do not bring emotion into the mix, you are not going to achieve very much. Because as a general rule people are bristling with emotion and these emotions are delicate. This is what makes us human and it is the ups and downs that assist you to grow within this industry.

Now, when I talk about emotional involvement I am referring to how you feel about your business inside, not necessarily how you react when things go wrong. You have to care about what happens on your journey and this comes from those emotions.emotional involvement

Here is a part of my daily method of operation, which to be totally honest I needed to use every day.

You Need Emotional Involvement

The first key to raising my emotional intelligence is to stop listening to people who have consistently spoken negative words into my life. This may require me to break off communication with family and friends who are part of my old life.

The second key to raising my emotional intelligence involves becoming accountable for my self-behavior. No matter how despondent or depressed I feel, don’t share these feelings with others but rather seek to share positive thoughts.There are always positive things I can focus on. Changing my responses to life for me is becoming responsible for my own behavior. I catch myself and give myself daily points for my positive responses and create rewards for myself when I have a great day.

The third key to raising my emotional intelligence is by surrounding myself with others who are good at controlling their feelings. It is time to surround myself with uplifting and positive people.

These three paragraphs about sum up all I feel about emotional involvement and my emotional intelligence, which is one of the same.

It is important to listen to the very best people available to you and stop spending your time around losers. Sometimes this can be extremely difficult to do, especially when you have a deep emotional bond with one or more of these people.

Becoming aware and totally accountable for your feelings and responses to incidents and events that happen in your life is crucial.

You may not be able to control these events but you have control over how you react, what you say and do after or during the event.

You have to create emotional involvement in everything you do or you become detached and indifferent as to what life has to offer. Let life touch you and do not let it pass you by.

I hope some of this made some sense.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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