Coping With Change Is A Challenge

Coping With Change Is A Challenge We All Face

Coping with change is a necessary requirement. In the outer world of our careers, relationships, environments and in our inner world at those times when we perhaps find ourselves questioning our values, beliefs and ideas. The world seems to be undergoing a shift and an awakening; we are pushed toward higher levels of consciousness like never before.

As humans we tend to have a preference for the familiar. Even minor changes can be disorientating. It is tempting to resist and deny the changes and cling to what is known and familiar. Few relish the idea of arriving in a different country without any information or a map. coping with change


Yet often that is exactly what happens to us in life, sometimes manifesting as small changes and other times as complete turning points. Rather than fearing and fighting the change it can be more helpful to see an ending as also a new beginning as that is exactly what it is. An ending clears the ground for a new beginning.

Resisting The Process

Much misery comes from resisting the process, fighting the end of something. Like so many things in life it is not circumstance our resistance which creates a problem. Changing perception so that instead of associating change with loss it is viewed as an opportunity helps create the right mindset for seeing and attracting all sorts of new opportunities. Staring at a closed door is not going to make it open again.

I have worked with very many people who say that what at the time seemed to be the worst thing in their lives turned out to be the best. So when faced with changes swim with rather than against the tide…it can carry you to places far beyond your wildest imaginings.

Accept and Allow.
Kathryn Thompson

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