Concision In Style

Concision In Style, Precision In Thought, Decision In Life

Concision In Style, Precision In Thought, Decision In Life.’ Victor Hugo who coined this phrase, is a name known to many people. Some people will know what he accomplished and others have just remembered the name or maybe because they had read one of his books or seen a film adaptation.

He was a prolific writer and is best known for writing two classical books, ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.’ and ‘Les Miserables.’ concision in style

Now I wanted to break this quote down and see if it applied to network marketing and indeed, network marketers, so let’s see how we progress here.

Concision In Style

Our style says everything about us as a person and hopefully as a network marketer, your’ style is relaxed, calm and magnetic. Your style will be a combination of the way you perform and express yourself towards others. It also includes how you act and what you say. So be careful what your style says to the other person and remember two things here, ‘You never get a second chance at a first impression.’  and ‘What you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what is being said.’

I have always been a firm believer in the art of concision, which basically is the ability to make things concise, brief and to the point. I would use this approach, especially when I was writing a witness statement or making a crime report. (I used to be a police officer). Having said that, if you were creating a novel, then you would be more extravagant in your writings.

But for network marketers, it is a vital component of your recruiting and team building to develop and display the skill of brevity. Learning to be concise when talking to prospective partners during the presentation stage is crucial, because you can say too much. Unlike the conversation or dialogue prior to the presentation, which will be more of a flowing conversation. So there will be times when it will pay to be tidy with your words and other times when you just have a chat.

Precision In Thought

You must have time for consideration, mental activity and reflection about your business to enable you to come up with ideas, but let it lead to precise massive action and not procrastination. You have to make sure that you set aside a period of your day, in order for you to be able to see exactly where you are at that moment. Visualization, imagination, innovation and creativity must be allowed to thrive in your life.  

In network marketing it is so easy to become to wrapped up in what you are doing. In other words you can become overwhelmed, confused, consumed and obsessed with building your business. So achieving an excellent life balance is a vital part of your future success, as well as precision in your though patterns.

You must think about what you are doing and ensure that you are exact and accurate in all that you do, so you avoid burn out and exhaustion. Sometimes it is a case of completing precisely what you set out to do and what is appropriate, then breaking away from your business for some fun, rest and relaxation. This way you come back refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Do not get drawn into over complicating your business and do what needs to be done, when it ought to be done. 

Decision In Life

In the end, life is all about the process of deciding, making decisions and then displaying determination by acting on those decisions. because you will be judged by the quality of your decisions, the actions you take and your results or outcome that is the end product. 

Some decisions will be quality ones and some decisions will be poor ones, I suspect. Sometimes our judgements and decisions will be wise and at other times they will make people shake their heads in dismay or just laugh. 

We never really know how a specific decision is going to turn out, but I do know that I would rather be involved with a decision maker rather than not. On occasions in life and as a network marketer, you will get it right and smile and other times you may well despair and cry, but that’s ok, because you decided, you made a decision.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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Concision in style

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