Compromising With Poverty

Compromising With Poverty Is A Bad Habit

So the number 14 symptom of lack of persistence is The habit of compromising with poverty

Have you ever cultivated that particular habit of compromising with poverty. Of course, I am sure we all have at some stage in out lives, probably quite a few times. For an example, have you ever robbed Peter to pay Paul, well you can see it is easy to do.compromising with poverty

Look no-one is saying that you are not going to have financial challenges in your life but the key here is changing your attitude to riches and wealth.

One way that you can do that is to distance yourself from negative thinking people. You need be aiming at riches and not giving in to the majority mindset of, ‘I will always struggle.’. This horrible mindset, ‘the lack of abundant thinking’ is coupled together with ambition. No ambition means no abundance, normally. I know there are exceptions, there always will be.

But normally people moan about their present financial situation, instead of seeking out multiple streams of income or maybe a second or different job. For me, there are absolutely no excuses here.

You either have an abundant mindset or you don’t and it is totally up to you, which one you adopt. When people think about an abundant mindset they normally think that it only covers money, but it covers everything. If you need any convincing go and look at the blades of grass on a lawn or grains of sand on a beach. But in this blog entry, I will only cover money.

For an example if your annual salary is $36,000 or £24,000, do you think you have to be a millionaire to have abundant thinking. No, of course not, but you will need to up your game and change your mindset. So if you were to change things around and double those amounts, would you call that taking abundant action.

I would say that is brilliant and outstanding, because how would you feel if you doubled your income over a year. I know how I would feel. So when you think about any form of abundance, what you are thinking about is your own abundance, not anyone else’s.

It is what is important to you. If you have a pound and double it to two pounds, that is pointing you the right direction. That would be classed as a win, but too many people ignore the compounding effect. If you have a win, celebrate it, no matter how small.

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