Competence Leads To Confidence And Improves Self Belief

Competence Leads To Confidence And In Turn Boldness

I personally believe that competence leads to confidence and what I am going to try and do is explain why, in my own words.

So what is the starting point and how do we move ourselves towards confidence.

Well there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that confidence is a fragile thing in most of us mere mortals, but is it really?

The ultra confident person, such as a politician or sports person will make mistakes. The professional and assured ones, accept that they have made a mistake or error and just move on, but the majority of people crumble at the first sign of criticism, when faced with the calamity of getting it wrong.competence leads to confidence

This confidence thing goes right across the board and all industries, sports and businesses. So how do we banish the fragility of confidence to the wastepaper basket forever?

Now, there is the mental approach, which is a massive part of confidence, but I am not really going to go there at the moment and during this article.

So, what do we have left then?

Practice will make the difference in results, but how much practice?

Well take the SAS as an example, probably the most elite special forces unit in the world. What makes them so superior to most every other special forces unit?

Practice, practice and even more practice. They practice 95% of the time so that when they are called upon, all the team know how to do a specific job. Each individual job will differ, but the basics and principles will always remain the same.

I found this article and have entered a small piece here:-

The moral here is that being competent will lead to you to feel confident.  The moral here is in order to be competent you have to start the task.  The moral here is being competent leads to trust and respect by your peers as well as self respect.

Even then after all this practice, you have to understand that things can still go wrong, but the key here is that the more you practice, the less chance there is of making a mistake.

So practice makes permanent and practice has the best chance of producing competence.

As you are building up your competence through practice, consistency, persistency, determination and professionalism all come into play.

In the case of a salesperson, it may be the use of a sales script over and over again, which takes a person from being a newbie through to competence first and a gradual build-up of confidence.

But there is a further key here and that is building the confidence that you already have. You never stop doing the basics and practicing your standard operating procedures, drills or scripts. Competence leads to confidence, do I concur, absolutely.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey