Committed Versus Interested

So Are You Committed Or Just Interested?

Committed versus interested. I think that there is a big problem in the network marketing profession, when we refer to the word commitment. Unfortunately the vast majority of people are just not committed sufficiently enough to their goals.

Why do you think that is the case? Is it that people are plain weak and have lousy goals, dreams and aims, or is it the fact that their reasons lack pure strength and excitement?

Interested People Do What Is Convenient

I feel that at different times, we all like to do the easy thing, the convenient way, rather than jumping out of our comfort zone, displaying boldness and trying something new or doing whatever is required.

People also like to make excuses or accept excuses routinely. Leaders are compassionate, but don’t accept whining, complaining, laziness or lame excuses.

Many times I just feel like having a rant about this subject. The message is clear, don’t be boring and plain old interested in doing something. Be seriously committed. It does seem that there is an epidemic of people who lack basic commitment in our society. What about you?

Committed People Do Whatever Is Required.

Committed people find out what works and just do it. They go for it and ONLY accept the results. I expect the best and I expect results, initially from myself and then others. I suggest being totally ruthless about your results. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason for you to become involved and waste your valuable time.committed-versus-interested

Interested people rely on others for most things, especially their own motivation. Are you fired up and do you have bags of motivation and energy? I hope that you do.

Remember committed people KEEP ON GOING long after the feeling has worn off or gone. Great leaders are a bit like the energizer bunny on the battery adverts, they continue on into the night and leave the rest standing.

In Summary.

The big question that you MUST ask yourself is, “Am I committed enough or just interested in becoming successful and wealthy?” When you can answer that question truthfully, you will know whether to move forward progressively or remain where you are, stagnant, unmotivated and unsuccessful.

Interest doesn’t make you a fortune. Sheer determination, intensity, passion, perseverance and the will to win attitude will always take you to the top. Come on you know that you can do this. Committed versus interested. Is there really a choice?

To Your Success


Paul Bursey