Committed Consistency Is The Key To Success

Committed Consistency Is Demanded.

In order for you to win you will need to show a consistent commitment. Why is that? Your commitment to consistent action will build up your tempo, your momentum, and your race pace. Committed consistency is the main building block of a winning campaign, regardless of whatever it is that you are trying to achieve.

If you set a goal lightly, you will abandon it just as quick when you reach the first hurdle or obstacle. But if you love what you do and you are driven from the inside, you will have an excellent chance of reaching your target.
So you start out on their personal quest and at the early stages it all seems great and you are enjoying life. But like an athlete, you turn your ankle a bit. The weather changes from warm to chilly, and it starts to rain.

committed consistency

You are now starting to regret that initial decision. A friend tells you that you are mad to go out in bad weather. You start to question your original choice to run a marathon and the hits keep on coming, which include further little niggling injuries, well-meaning relatives, and up and coming social events.

It is then that you find out what you are really made of. Do you stick or twist, continue or quit. Do you succumb to outside influences or stay steadfast in pursuit of your dream.

So along comes commitment and consistency to save the day. These two vital attributes combine and together with a burning desire, carry you through the bad times and move you nearer the end game.
Only a few survive to tell the tale of success. Most fall by the wayside. Is it a disgrace to quit? No, of course not. Everyone has to fail many times over in order to succeed at what they are doing. We all have to become committed to our dream and take consistent action daily.
Commitment is about keeping your word to yourself. Commitment is about moving forward progressively when the world is yelling at you to stop and go home. As a runner commitment for me was about turning up every day and doing what I said I was going to do regardless of the weather or circumstances.
Commitment to network marketing could be about you setting a goal to speak to 1200 people over a 90 day period and finishing the task. Commitment is about completion. It’s about finishing the job.
Consistency is about doing things over and over again. Practicing 500 free throws in basketball every day. It could mean following a process continually day after day until it is learned fully. Whatever it takes, right?

So, guys, you have to become committed first and then you can aim for some consistency through massive action.

Without commitment and consistency, you are going absolutely nowhere.

No excuses.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Committed consistency will always win.

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