A Commitment To Completion Is Demanded By Your Pschye

Commitment To Completion Is Required Always

I think this is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when you analyze your current performance.commitment to completion

Do you start something and then put it to one side or are one of those people with dogged determination who just have to keep going until the job is done.

I hope that you commit to finishing the task that you first started, but unfortunately, most people start something like a home business and ditch it deliberately because they have to step outside their comfort zone.

So, what about you and your dreams and ambitions? When was the last time you completed a project and felt satisfied with your efforts? The feeling you get when you make a commitment to yourself and then follow through is totally exhilarating.

I can only give you examples of things I have done or not done as the case may be.

1. I Purchased a personal development programme and committed to studying it for 6 months. In fact, I first did this in 2006 and continually listened to it for 3 years, instead of the six months I had promised.

I must admit that I have purchased many other courses and only completed about 25% to 30% of the course, what a waste. It took me until 2011, this year when I finally conquered that mountain on a consistent basis. A friend of mine loaned me a course on blogging and I completed the course twice in a row.

2. I decided to train for the London Marathon in 1986 and took 2 years and 1000 miles to reach the standard that I had set for myself. I attained the level at which I aimed for and that taught me a hell of a lot about determination and persistence.

3. Whilst in the police in London I was coming up for retirement and decided to study to become a legal rep. (A legal rep protects prisoners rights and represents them in police stations when they are first arrested). I completed all the study and passed with flying colors but lost interest. (NOT GOOD)

There are many other examples, some good and some bad. But what I realized was that my commitment to completion was tied into my passions.

I was passionate about leadership, personal development and marathon running but I wasn’t passionate about remaining in the law.

You can become committed to something that you are not totally in alignment with, but basically, it is a waste of time because you will stay the course in the end.

So, commitment to completion is all about doing the things you really want to do, going to places you really want to go to and living with passion.

So always follow your passion and you will complete the ambition or dream.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Commitment to completion

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