Commitment And Consistency Are The Two Major Keys In Success

Commitment And Consistency Are Demanded.

To be able to win people need to become committed and consistent. Why is that? The two ‘Cs’ build up a tempo, a momentum, and your race pace. Commitment and consistency are the building blocks of a winning campaign, regardless of whatever it is that a person is trying to achieve.

The first challenge for any individual is becoming passionate about their forthcoming journey and their desired outcome.  Everyone has to start somewhere and the excitement a person feels about their project will ultimately determine their progress and success.commitment and consistency

The trouble is that if a person sets a goal lightly, he or she will abandon it just as quick and probably when they reach the first hurdle or obstacle. But if that person loves what they do and they are driven from the inside, they will have an excellent chance of reaching their target.

So that person starts out on their personal quest and at the early stages it all seems great and they enjoying life. But like an athlete, they turn their ankle a bit. The weather changes from warm to chilly, and it starts to rain.

That person is now starting to regret their initial decision. A friend tells them that they are mad to go out in the inclement weather. They start questioning their original choice to run a marathon and the hits keep coming, which include further little niggling injuries, well-meaning relatives, and up and coming social events. It is then that you find out what this person is really made of. Do they stick or twist, continue or quit. Do they succumb to outside influences or stay steadfast in their pursuit of their dream.

So along comes commitment and consistency to save the day. These two vital attributes combine and together with a burning desire, carry a person through the bad times and towards the end game.

Only a few survive to tell the tale of their accomplishment. Most fall by the wayside and drop off and join the vast majority of people who fail time and time again. Is it a disgrace to quit? No, of course not. However, that person has to look in the mirror every day and convince their reflection that is was for the best.

So what about commitment and consistency? Commitment is all about keeping your word to yourself. Commitment is about moving forward progressively when the world is yelling at you to stop and go home. Commitment for a runner is about turning up every day and doing what he or she said that they were going to do, even when they really just want to go and have a beer.

Commitment for someone in business could be about setting a goal to speak to 1200 people over 90 days about their opportunity or product and cracking on until they do it all and more.

Commitment for someone at University could be following the curriculum as it is laid out and studying the complete course and not just half of it, instead of goofing off. Commitment is about completion. It’s about finishing the job.

Consistency is about doing things over and over again. Practicing 500 free throws in basketball every day. It could mean following a process continually day after day until it is leaned forward and backward. Whatever it takes, right?

So guys become committed first and then aim for consistency through massive action and you will hit your intended outcome.

Without commitment and consistency, a person is going absolutely nowhere.

No excuses.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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