Come On It’s Not My Fault

Is That Right. It’s Not My Fault?

Well there are many occasions where it isn’t your error, omission or mistake, but I think some people use this comment, ‘It’s not my fault.’ as a smoke screen on occasions. There comes a time and probably many of them, when you must step up to the plate and take the flack, for some kind of malfunction or fault.

When I was a detective and in charge of cases at the Crown Court (thankfully a distant memory), I was seen as the voice of the police. Now it didn’t matter who dropped the had to step up and take the criticism, regardless. The statement, ‘It’s not my fault,’ just didn’t cut it with a Judge.

My Experience Of Saying, It’s Not My fault.

Now there were two things that could happen. Either they would accept your miserable apology, if you got in early enough, or they would dismiss your paltry effort of attempting to head off the trouble at the pass, as totally insignificant.not my fault

Ninety nine percent of the time, an early intervention, in the form of a sincere apology. would suffice. The one percent could be described as the type of dressing down that everyone wanted to avoid. It’s not my fault, did not appear to cut the mustard and it wasn’t efficient or effective.

I even remember disagreeing with one judge, which to be honest was the worse thing I ever did, not because I was wrong, but because the Judges ruled, they were King, you were on their turf and they are always right, even when they were way off base. 

Avoid Using The Words, It’s Not My Fault.

In your network marketing business or any endeavour, where you are required to show leadership skills, you must take full responsibility for your actions and that of your team or group. There is absolutely no place for, It’s not my fault,‘ especially where success and achievement are on the table.

The important thing is never to devolve, pass on or duck your responsibility to others unless you really have to or the incompetence is such, that you have to distance yourself from it for survival purposes and they will be rare.

Take Full Responsibility For Your Team

When working as a detective in charge of a team. I made sure that I took full responsibility for everything that occurred within, other than if someone committed a criminal offence, which never happened on my watch. So it was never a case of it’s not my fault, rather, It’s my fault, now let’s learn from it and move on.’ 

You would have a senior officer entering our office looking for answers, scapegoats and someone to offload on. I would intercept them and take the hit for the team, one because I was fearless (years of experience), I didn’t bat an eyelid and the other reason was that most of my team were still learning and I wanted to protect them. I was going nowhere and not many senior offices took me on. I wonder why?

In Summary

Whatever you do in life, don’t blame other people for things you should be doing or should have done. Take absolute responsibility for decisions, actions and your lack of action. Understand that everyone makes mistakes and we are all human. Don’t point the finger at anyone, because you can bet there are many pointing back at you.

Refuse to hide behind the words, It’s not my fault. and you will find that this will make you feel much better and it will improve the communication process all the way round.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey