Choice Energy and Action

Choice Energy and Action. What Does It Mean?

Well, we all make choices in life, some good and some bad. We have to accept the choices that we make, so in other words, we have to take full responsibility for our choices.

I just look at my life and I have made so many wrong choices that sometimes it is easy to focus on the negative (and we sometimes do that which is ok) and I think we should only concentrate on the brilliant decisions and choices that we occasionally make. We should not attack ourselves for poor selections, but by all means, learn from them.

We all know that our selection is sometimes flawed, so we must accept that and move on. We are never going to get it totally right, so we have to say to ourselves, that is just one of those things, learn from it and move on to the next choice.

choice energy and actionBut let us assume that you have made an excellent choice to join a particular network marketing company (obviously this could relate to anything in life). So now we have made this fantastic decision, what is required in order for us to succeed?

Your success may well depend on the next two things. Now I understand that there are many specific traits, skills, and attitudes that you can acquire and use, but these are the most important.

Firstly there is energy. This is the thing that will draw people towards you. If you are bouncy, cheerful and energetic you will find it easy to talk to people and go on to recruit some of them.They will just love being around you.

Now obviously we are talking about energy with confidence. Energy will brighten up you and everyone around you, but without energy, you will be defeated before you have even started.

Now I am not talking about that type of enthusiasm that repels people, just some good old honest energy, and passion for life.

The second thing is straightforward massive action. There is no substitute for the numbers game, pure and simple. You have just got to get out in the firing line, whether face to face, telephone or internet and speak to as many people as possible.

The key to action is to employ two words to go along with action. Simple and massive. You can study this and study that, and you should, however, as Jim Rohn once said, “Some people study the roots and other people are picking the fruits. It depends on which end you want in on.” Hopefully, you always pick the fruit. Yes study as well, but in addition to action, not at the expense of.

So in conclusion, make choices, stand by your decisions right or wrong. Inject the right amount of consistent energy into everything that you do and work the numbers. Massive action will always work as long as you do it with the required energy, passion and will to win.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Choice energy and action.

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