Chase Your Dreams And Keep Stretching Just Outside Your Grip

Chase Your Dreams But Stay Grounded

So, can you do some extraordinary things, absolutely, but do not set goals or make plans that you will never hit, because that is just plain stupid and negative. So chase your dreams, but make sure your feet firmly on the your dreams

Yes, goals can be negative if they are totally out of your reach. Having said that, the world will step aside and assist a person who is passionate about their goal. But remember anyone can set a goal, most people do not of course, but they are capable of doing so.

So when you set a goal, tie it into a dream or ambition that you have. You will require not only desire but strong compelling reasons to realize a dream. Assuming the dream is worth realizing. So what does live in the real world mean? It means keeping your feet firmly entrenched on the ground.

Knowing what you want and knowing that you are definitely going to achieve it. But do not make the dream so large that it becomes an impossibility. Keep it real but slightly out of your reach.

Remember by all means chase your dreams, go after what turns you on, but make sure it is achievable.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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