Can You Use Visual Imagery?

Visual Imagery Is Fun To Use And Effective

Most people know that sportsmen and sportswomen use visual imagery to achieve peak performance. The London 2012 Olympics are currently being held in my hometown and I have been extremely impressed by the quality, commitment and performance of all the competitors who have taken part. You must see yourself as a champion.

However can people in network marketing use the technique of visual imagery to up their game, achieve outstanding results and become a thorough professional within the industry? I believe that they can if they practice similar techniques on a day to day basis.

So what types of components can be used to help the network marketer on their quest to build a large organisation? Here I am going to weave my use of visual imagery in athletics and integrate this into the network marketing arena and suggest ways of using this technique effectively.

Step 1: Become Acquainted 

They say that familiarity breeds contempt and in some circumstances or relationships that is correct. However in sports and network marketing it is a case of becoming acquainted with what needs to be done, practising over and over again. Knowing that practice makes permanent.

in 1972 I became a cross country champion for three reasons. 1) I persistently trained on the course every day for 3 months and this is where the main race was going to take place. 2) I used visual imagery daily to see myself winning this race easily. 3) I knew and believed I was going to win. Oh it worked. I won.

Step 2: Personal Motivation

I used visual imagery and practised hard every day, so I could recall every great run, each successful session and build a mental success journal, which I could use to motivate myself personally. Each positive event or training run built on the last one, which was like building a brick on a brick and each one positive in nature.

You can do the same in network marketing by writing a success journal and creating more and more wins. Each win builds on the last. So your personal motivation comes from visualizing yourself as winning and by simple win construction or building block on building block. 

Step 3: Refining Skills

As you learn and practice your skills by sheer repetition, you move on from the numbers and fine tune your skills, so they lift you up, to enable you to compete with the best available. 

By training on the same course every day I was able to move from rough to smooth, from novice and expert. The result was ultimate success and refinement was crucial.visual imagery

This takes some time to achieve and you have to be relentless, tenacious and understand that to reach the top at whatever you want to do takes hard work. So attain the skill first and then making sure improvement is on the fast track.

Step 4: Eliminate The Negative

I actually found this very easy, because I lived in a college, I could segregate myself away from everyone else, so there was little chance of negatives creeping in. However I am fully aware that negatives seep into your life daily, if you allow them to. 

For network marketers, it is all about who you spend time with, books you read and speakers you listen to. I know there will always be negatives that can affect you, but learn to dismiss these quickly and distance yourself as far away as possible from sources of poison, which will have a detrimental effect on your performance and goals over time. Always focus on positive outcomes.

Step 5: Get Back On Track 

When it was required, you need to refocus and get back on track as rapidly as you can. Sometimes you feel tired or exhausted, learn to back off and rest, both mentally and physically. But get back on the horse, see yourself shaking any problem off immediately, recall previous successes, draw on them and move forward again.

As Rocky said, ” It ain’t about how hard you get hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” 

Step 6: See The Reaching In Your Own Mind

This was one of the most important things for me. Right from the start of my training I could not only see myself having a great race, but I knew I was going to win, not in a big headed way, but I knew my abilities and wanted it big time.

In network marketing you must get to that place where you just know you can make it, so that relaxed confidence just oozes out of you and it is picked up by your team and the prospective partners. You must see yourself winning and performing your skills extremely correctly.

Step 7: Hold A Mental Rehearsal

Before the event and on the day I basically set my own stage and made sure that a held my own film premiere, where I covered all the key components and elements of my future performance. This is a mental run through that needs to be used for any athlete. It worked for me and it can work for you.

In network marketing you can use this to improve performance in any specific area. As an example I use this method before talking to prospective partners. Firs of all I get into a good mood by listening to music and then I vividly visualize having a strong and powerful conversation, before i call anyone.

In Summary

Visual Imagery can be used by many different people to assist in reaching peak performance, as long as all of the effort is not necessarily directed towards the result or outcome. Visual imagery, if used correctly, should be aimed at all of the required daily actions.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Visual imagery