Build Valuable Relationships

Build Valuable Relationships Is Key To Success

To be able to build valuable relationships in the network marketing industry is one of the most important components of success. This combines a group of skillsets together with a sharp and alert mindset. You could say that this subject comes from and encompasses the material taught in the book, How To Win Friends And Influence People, written by Dale Carnegie.

People are attracted to people or in a lot of cases repelled. Attraction is the main thing. People will only deal with people who they know like and trust. Now these partnerships can be created in seconds/minutes or over a lifetime and it really doesn’t matter, because they become mutually beneficial to all concerned.

Why Concentrate On Bonding And Relationship Building?

Well firstly it just feels good to have a common bond with people and deal with them in the right way, which is basically how you would want to be treated by someone else. Secondly it makes economic sense, because if they like and relate to you they will join your business. This in turn will make you money. It isn’t calculated, just a natural progression.

So you never focus on the money, you always focus on building strong relationships and connections with others. You never know when that particular friendship will climb out of the shadows and work for both of you. It may be after the first meeting or it may be after the 7th meeting, who knows?build-valuable-relationships

Smile, Be Real Nice And Stay In Contact

It is all about being genuinely nice, professional and fun to be around. People want to know that you care and they aren’t just a number. There are many false people in this world, so make sure you don’t become one.

On your journey you must learn to avoid nastiness, gossip and negativity as much as you can. Try not to act spontaneously unless it is positive. It is easy to rub people up the wrong way and burn bridges that may well have become worthwhile at a later date.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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