Build An Ethical Business. It’s The Only Way

Build An Ethical Business From Today.

Why Would You Not Want To Build An Ethical Business?

To you, this may seem like a silly question, but there are many people out there who ignore the word ethics when it comes to things like banking and business.

Personally, I would not be involved in anything now that could be involved with anything shady or questionable. But you have to learn from your mistakes and an ethical business

So what does term ethical mean in relation to building a network marketing business? I believe it is all about what makes actions right and wrong.

So the term ethics and ethical are open to discussion. If there is dialogue on the matter then obviously we must lean towards what the masses say and find agreeable.

It is about having a code of conduct and not deviating from that code in any way. If you are in the process of building an ethical business, then you know if what you are doing is acceptable or not.

Would an outsider or third party look at what you are doing and say, ‘That is an ethical business.’ or ‘He is acting in an ethical manner.’ Now you cannot please everyone, all of the time, so there will always be someone questioning or complaining about your actions or offer, so we have to take the collective view as to whether things are ethical or not.

This doesn’t mean that ethical businesses will not make mistakes, they will, but if a business does make an error, they should announce, ‘We made a mistake.’ and then correct the wrong, hurt or injustice. This is what genuine companies try and do. if they want to remain and be seen as an ethical company.

Companies are accountable and must be seen by the general public as open to scrutiny. If companies make a mistake and try to cover it up, lie and deceive, then hopefully the powers to be will be ousted and shown to be frauds. For me, I only want to be involved in a company or companies that are ethically sound.

When I started my current business I thoroughly researched them and I found one slight problem that it appeared may cause problems in the future. As it happened I was wrong, but right to inquire about what I perceived as a possible challenge.

So, what I did was telephone the CEO and ask him to address my concern. He did and I joined the company and I must say extremely happy to have joined up with an ethically sound management team. When I think of ethical companies there is one company that always springs to mind and that company is Amway, who I had the privilege to be involved in from 1979 for many years.

They make mistakes but they are honest, ethical and open. I am no longer involved in Amway as a distributor. I hope you always try to build an ethical business now and in the future years. I believe in this day and age it is the only way to go.

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Paul Bursey


Build an ethical business

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