Build An Honest Business

Build An Honest Business

To build an honest business takes professionalism, dedication, a very strong work ethic and integrity. In this article, I decided to highlight someone else’s business and show you what can be achieved with desire. Dr. Sam Vella is a good friend of mine and we used to be in the same business together for quite a few an honest business

He is honest as the day is long and a true professional. We have spent time together all around the world including Rome, Italy, and Hawaii. One of his passions is surfing but another is a business he co-created and operates the NatureDocs with his business partner Dr. Angelina Stevens

The Nature Docs have been friends and colleagues for years and share a passion for holistic health, good food, high-quality nutrition, and being physically active. The founders of Nature Docs engage daily in surfing, swimming, cycling, running, yoga and started this company utilizing nutritional food sources that have greatly improved the health and athleticism in their own lives, as well as the tens of thousands of patients they have treated in their clinics.

The Docs have designed and utilized as their foundational product the highest quality protein made from non-genetically modified Belgium yellow peas for quick stable energy, easy digestion, and assimilation.

Both doctors have worked with patients of all ages and also those with particularly difficult health challenges and have found that an important aspect of healing is delivering the body with high-quality protein, or amino acids.

This protein was designed with the Nature Docs’ patients and customers in mind. From professional athletes to those with food allergies or challenging digestion, the Doctors have found that virtually ALL of their patients have been satisfied with the taste, texture, consistency, digestibility, and satiety.

The Nature Docs advocate nutritional plans that include eating whole foods as close to nature as possible and are proud about bringing this superior nutrition to you and your family.

Dr. Sam Vella owns and operates Vella Chiropractic on the North Shore of Oahu. He is a licensed chiropractor and has been serving the North Shore area and the island of Oahu for the last 8 years. He has built successful offices in San Diego and Brazil but finally materialized his dream of moving to the North Shore and establishing the busiest and sought after practice on this side of the island.

He maintains a highly active lifestyle of surfing, yoga, cycling, tennis, golf, mountain biking and skiing. The nutritional products of the Nature Docs combined with a fresh fruit smoothie daily play a vital role in Dr. Vella’s everyday active lifestyle as well as the thousands of patients he’s served on the path to optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Vella is the attending chiropractor for the Triple Crown of Surfing, the World Cup of surfing events held each year on the North Shore. He has treated world class athletes from surfing, skiing, soccer, rugby, cycling, tennis and football.

He specializes in assisting people of all ages and activity levels to achieve their maximum goals of health through the power of chiropractic and nutrition. Dr. Vella has co-founded The Nature Docs, Inc. as a way to bring the highest quality nutrition not just to the patients of his own clinic, but throughout the country.

You can find more out about Dr. Angelina Stevens. the other co-founder, click here

Sam Vella is a testament to building a business the right way and no he doesn’t know about this blog entry yet. I just wanted to show people that there are other people out in the world who truly believe that to build an honest business is the only way of doing it.

To Your Success

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Build an honest business.