Build A Business With Longevity In Mind

How Do You Build A Business That Lasts?

I think the keys here are the foundations that the business is built on, so let us take a look at what types of foundations should a network marketing business be built on, to ensure you have a business that lasts.

build a business

1) Create or expand a business that is built on integrity. This is vital if you are looking to construct a long-term business because a business built on false promises, lies or dishonesty will not last for any length of time and longevity will just be a dream. Also, you must build trust, credibility and a great reputation, if you hope to have good people stay and be part of your team.

build a business

2) The compensation plan must have tremendous leverage. I personally believe that the best type of compensation plan will pay you big money up front for a direct sale and also provide outstanding leverage as your team is building. I love being paid over and over again from a compensation plan that allows large bonuses from infinite width and depth. You must also lead by being a shining example of tenacity, consistency, and persistence. You will have to display the will to win and be prepared to do more than anyone else. If you do this, people will want to follow and work with you.

3) Develop satisfied customers. Sometimes people forget that the reason we are in business is to supply the end user, the client, with what they are looking for. In other words making a particular product available to the consumer which solves their problem, challenge or need. Customer loyalty and satisfaction will only happen if you take care of the customer and treat them with respect. Also to obtain many customers and keep hold of them, will require products that are unique, very high quality, competitively priced and in demand.

4) Create or work with a management team who have a fantastic mission statement, forward-thinking company goals, and amazing vision. So, not only are you going to work with the right people in the recruiting side but the management must be experienced and knowledgeable. When researching a company take a good look at the people who run the company and make sure they are not only people with great posture but have a superb track record.

5) Continual innovation, a pleasing personality and ongoing momentum There two things that will keep your business fresh and exciting. The first is innovation in all areas of the business, but let me just pick one of those areas, marketing. You must learn to innovate, adapt and overcome struggles, challenges, and problems, on a regular basis and over a long period of time.

So you have to your eye firmly on the ball. You should always be looking to find new and interesting ways to engage not only your customers but your distributors as well. A pleasing personality is extremely important because people do not want to be around a grump.

They want to be around people who are just plain nice and relaxing to be around. Charisma is also something that people like to be around, but for me, a pleasing personality is very critical. So as I have said before be really nice and develop the ability to get on with people and communicate.

Momentum is also key when building this type of business. This is a big part of leadership, getting right down to it and producing solid as well as rapid results. Momentum is one of those absolute necessities that will draw people into you in great numbers.

Now I am sure that there are many things that go towards building a business that lasts, but this is what is coming up for me today. To your success.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey