British Expats Working Abroad Are Brave

I wonder what British Expats think about working in another country and living the expat life?

British expats have found that Living the expat life isn’t always sun and sangria…there can be some really rough times ahead, especially financially, that go hand in hand with the lifestyle they have chosen.british expats

British expats have put themselves into the position of being aliens in a foreign land, and that leaves a tremendous amount of space for all sorts of challenges, loneliness, depression, and financial hardships. Two large problems that British expats have had to overcome are finance and employment, whilst living abroad. Firstly the rate of exchange has really plummeted over the last 3 or 4 years, reducing the effectiveness of savings, pensions, and investments. Secondly is their ability to find a suitable job or earn a decent income.

Work visas can be a big problem, on occasions. Another challenge includes learning the language, which in itself could present British expats with a big problem if they do not buckle down and act fast. I personally think that when you move to another country you should jump in with both feet and learn the language as fast as possible

I think before people set up home abroad they should take into consideration the feelings of everyone in the family household. Family and marriage stresses will also cause tremendous problems if they are not addressed extremely quickly. Taking your marriage or family abroad can lead to a whole lot of stress itself…while all of the other normal stresses, such as a complete culture shock, can add fuel to the fire.

British expats are presented with challenges, which they need to overcome. They need to roll with the punches and understand that flexibility is a key factor here. There advantages, disadvantages, and adjustments will always have to be made, on an ongoing basis. They want to develop an income to be able to survive. Some people are lucky enough to work for established companies in the country that they plan to set up home in.

While teaching English is usually the first option that you hear about when going to live abroad, there are also plenty of people who specialize and are looking for work in their industry…although it can be tough to find work in some industries, and some don’t even pay near as much as you would expect for a specialized skill.

Even so, very often when someone finds a job they quickly begin to feel the pressure of a new challenge which is working too often to actually enjoy the expat life they were in search of. They end up working terribly long hours and realize that the struggle isn’t worth their time and so end up back home prematurely only to start all over again.

Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel that a lot of British expats have found which helps solve many of the problems above. That light is a home-based business. Particularly a network marketing home based business. This is because it gives you the freedom and time to spend with your family and get to truly live the life of the locals; plus it gives you the opportunity to use your new language skill in order to show the business as well.

The income that is possible in network marketing can far exceed that of the highest paying expat jobs by a country mile. This will give them the money and time freedom to truly enjoy their experiences living the expat life.

Of course, they should always be very wary of which network marketing company that they choose to join, as well as who they choose to mentor them to success. As British expats move forward with their options relating to work they possibly find themselves reviewing a network marketing or home business, but it is important that they make the right decision.

There is a huge potential for developing financial security for their family’s future with this type of business. So if there are any British expats working abroad, who require any assistance in developing a home business in another country, then please feel free to contact me.

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