How To Dramatically Boost Productivity?

Boost Productivity As Often As You Can

When you have set aside a certain amount of time to do something. Do you actually do what you have said you are going to do or do you get to put it off or distracted?boost productivity

First of all execute your strategic plans during 30 or 60 minute time segments. The time span is your choice, some people like short time periods and others prefer longer amounts of time. But organize plenty of breaks to refresh yourself along the way.

So get yourself an egg timer or use something like an iPhone, employ the stopwatch facility and utilize the whole time period to work on just one project.This will double your productivity at least.

Do not allow outside things to upset your plan, such as emails, telephone etc. Stay on course for the complete amount of time and ignore interruptions. (apart from obvious emergencies)

Put to one side your visits to social networking sites, such as twitter and facebook and only visit your email messages once a day. You will get loads of work finished using this simple trick.

Follow these few tips to dramatically boost your productivity and improve your organised planning.

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