Blaming Others Is Cowardice

Blaming Others Is So Wrong

Blaming others is one of those things that I absolutely hate. When someone does something wrong, they look to put the blame on someone else. It seems there is a lack of many people who have the courage of their convictions and just admit when they have made a mistake.blaming others

People make all sorts of excuses and try to shift the blame on to someone else. Do you do that? When things go wrong you must accept responsibility. 

I remember when I was a detective, dealing with a kidnap case. I interviewed the victim and he stated that he wasn’t injured. Later at court he was asked if he had had any injuries. He stated that he had a massive bruise on his back, due to a punch or a kick.

Now straight away I was called to give evidence to explain why I had not taken a statement from the Doctor. As you can well imagine, on this occasion the court accepted that maybe, the victim had been frightened at the time of doing the statement and although asked by myself wasn’t forthcoming with the correct information.

If I had forgotten to ask then I would have said so. I was then asked by the court to go and see the Doctor and take the necessary statement, which I did. Now, I forgot to fill in the back of the statement showing holiday dates. In fact I didn’t ask him, who knows why.

When the Doctor was called to give evidence a few days later (at the time of taking the statement he wasn’t required to give evidence) he had gone to Barcelona for the week and we were unable to contact him. Due to my mistake. the case was halted and would have to be started again at a future date.

There was a big problem because I had cost the British tax payer £40,000 ($60,000). Obviously the Judge was livid and stated, ‘bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia’ or well in this case, yours truly. Now being very shrewd I had managed to tell the Judge before he found out.

Now, normally that would have saved the day. But not on this occasion as I had to stand in front of him to be dressed down big time. I must have made a good impression with the four defence barristers (lawyers) who all leaped to my defence, which is normally unheard of.

Anyway at the end of the day the result started with the threat of execution and ended with my boss, saying forget it. I nearly asked the Judge if he enjoyed his golf session on the Friday, which had halted the trial, but I thought better of it.

What I am trying to get to, is that normally I would always admit my mistakes quickly and apologise. So when you are wrong or you make a mistake, admit that you were wrong and say sorry. It normally goes a long way.

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Blaming others for your mistakes.

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