Becoming Mentally Strong

How Are You Becoming Mentally Strong?

Becoming mentally strong. I suppose the question that you should be asking yourself is this, "How do I become mentally strong?"

I have to admit that in certain areas I just didn't have the mentally strong bit one worked out and it has cost me dearly over the years. In fact I never asked myself that question really, although when I was involved in sports as a player and coach I taught the subject without really realising it.

I personally believe that the major key to your better future is learning how to get mentally strong, because when things get tough most people go missing in action, but do you? 

What You Can Control, influence And Are Accountable For

You have to understand that there is only so much you can control. You can control what you say, how much you train, how far you go and so on, but you cannot control other people, outside occurrences and events. So do not waste any energy on those things that are outside your control or influence.

becoming mentally strongYou may well be able to influence some people, but not others. That is fine because it is all about being aware of the areas where you can exert some influence and not wasting your precious time attempting to influence those areas where it will be virtually impossible to affect.

As an example, if you are a leader within the MLM industry, there will be people who are inspired and listen to what you say and there will be others who are not interested or relate to you. That is ok, just spend your time with those that you can help.

Lastly be accountable for what you do and say. Stand tough, stand up tall and face critics and anyone that attacks you or your beliefs. This is all about learning to be mentally strong.

Your Belief, Your Faith And Your Confidence

If you have certain beliefs then stick with them and do not let anyone steer you away from them. If you know that you are on the right path for you, then stay on course. 

A big part of becoming mentally strong is knowing where you are going in life and not allowing other people to influence you to change the set of your sails. You choose the direction you are headed, not someone else.

It is the same for your faith in something. If you feel strongly about something, such as faith in your ability to become a success, then do  not allow an acquaintance of close family member to tear you away from that. Never allow anyone crush your spirits, under any circumstances, including your partner.

Hopefully you have realised that confidence is reinforced by your beliefs and faith. When you stay firm then you build the necessary confidence that is required. All these components are integral and have a knock on effect on each other.

Two Top Tips For Becoming And Staying Mentally Strong

A) Make a short telephone call every day (weekdays) to a person who inspires and uplifts you. We all need this interaction with a true leader who will keep us on track. (If you do not have anyone yet give me a call)

B) Find and use or create some fantastic affirmations that affect you tremendously and read them out aloud many times every day, hopefully when you are exercising.

p.s. No Matter How Bad It Is And How Bad It Gets I Am Going To Make It. Tough Times Never Last. Tough People Do. I Am On My Way.

Join me for Part II tomorrow, where I will conclude the subject of how to become mentally tougher. Please show some love and syndicate this post if you have found it useful.

To Your success

Paul Bursey 

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becoming mentally strong.

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