Becoming Mentally Strong In MLM Part II

Mentally Strong Always Wins The Day

In part 1 I suggested asking yourself the question, “How do I become mentally strong?” Now following on from that the next question I am going to ask you is, “Are you determined enough to become mentally strong?”

You see it is okay to talk about becoming mentally strong, but what are you going to do starting today to upgrade your mentality to the level that you really want it at?

I can hear you asking, “Where do I start?” 

If you are prepared to work at becoming mentally strong, this puts you far ahead of the majority of people out there. Most people would never consider improving or changing their mindset on becoming mentally strong, in any way, shape or form. So understand that you have moved yourself into a special group of people. 

Yesterday I mentioned specific areas such as, belief, faith and confidence. These are extremely vital areas, but it all starts with your emotions. 

You have to develop emotional intelligence, which means controlling your emotions wisely. Your emotions will affect every area of your life.

mentally strongAs an example, if you are the type of person who loses their temper or has violent outbursts, then you will have some work ahead of you. Know this though, people will not want to be around you for long, if that is the case.

You have to change your persona from stressed out to cool, calm and chilled out. You can be tenacious and stressed, not a good combination. Resilient, determined and at peace with yourself and life in general sounds much better.

So find ways to enjoy life, have fun and laugh regularly. This will assist you in the area of becoming mentally stronger.

Personal Development, And Communication

There are probably a million and one topics you could study that would move you to the exalted position of being mentally strong. But here are three of the biggest ones.

Take personal development, which would cover things like your attitude, self image and mindset. 

I would suggest performing some research on the internet and finding videos, audios and blog entries, that cover these topics. The key thing is they are required by you and they are for the most part free online.

Personal development has been a part of my life since 1979 and is still there big time. I know I need it on an ongoing basis. The natural progression  is to first study, then practice and finally teach others what you have learned.

Communication is another crucial area where you will have to master if you are to become mentally tough and mentally strong in this industry. 

Communication is about getting out there and speaking to other people, on the phone and face to face etc. Communication really is about association with prospective clients, business partners and other leaders within your opportunity and outside.

As you become more confident with your self growth, you can enter into the world of dialogue and practice. Communication is the physical extension of self development and a necessary part of learning to be successful in the home business industry.

So are you still willing to learn how to become mentally strong and then learning how to stay mentally strong?

It is the ongoing education, association with winners and personal willingness to crack this mentally strong thing that will determine your success over a long period of time. 


Two More Top Tips For Becoming And Staying Mentally Strong

A) Set aside 30 minutes a day, every day to read something inspirational, positive, motivational and uplifting. Now I am sure you have read and heard this before, but ask yourself this question, “Do you do this every day without fail?” I bet you don’t.

B) Find maybe three or four videos that inspire you and watch them every day as well. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey