Become Unstoppable Like An Express Train

How Do You Become Unstoppable?

As my good friend JT said, “The first rule to becoming unstoppable is to stop being un-start-able.”

I think that most people actually never get started in the game of life. They possibly talk a good game and give lots of opinions, but really spend most of their lives just talking about getting started or saying, “If only…”

become unstoppableYou’ve heard this many times that it takes a lot to get a locomotive moving, but when it is in flow, it only takes a small amount of energy to keep it moving.

It is the same for you and your business. A few people actually get going, in other words, spend some considerable time, effort and money moving that train, but they never have any chance of becoming unstoppable, because having generated the initial momentum, they just do not stick to the task at hand.

To be unstoppable you have to do the right things for at least 24 months (as a general rule of thumb) to be able to be in a position to pick the fruits of your labor.

The reason that I can honestly say it can take up to 24 months is my experience talking. Firstly when I was training for the marathon it took me consistently and persistently training for a period of 24 months. That is going from a standing start of being unable to run more than a half a mile, to be able to run a marathon in 3 hours 20 minutes.

Secondly, when I joined a high ticket business in 2006, it took me 24 months to make my first sale of a $1500 dollar product. Then success followed and my best eight days with that particular product was selling four in eight days. That same year I had my first $20,000 week. But that only came because I stuck at the task and I noticed that most people did not and quit.

So becoming unstoppable is personal and the time limit will vary between different people. But you can do it, just stick at whatever you set your mind to do.

Paul Bursey



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Paul Bursey


Become unstoppable.

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