Become A Problem Solver

Become A Problem Solver. It Could Be Worth Millions

Become a problem solver. It sounds so simple, but this is where the money is and it also feels good to help someone. Be the person with the solutions and answers. Now we are in the network marketing profession and it is job to present our business at the right moment, but not before you enter into some meaningful dialogue and find out if there is a sale to be made or opportunity to be offered in the first place.

The challenge for the network marketer is selecting the best time to make the approach. I would suggest finding out all you can about the person and their situation in the beginning. Now obviously this means you will have to talk to that person and ask some searching questions in a conversational way. If you ask the right questions, you will most probably receive the signals you are looking for.

Now the only time you should violate the rule of patience and probing, is if that person is leaving and you will not see them again. At that point you should at least agree to stay in touch, but only practice will help you to be able to deal with any situation.

Either Supply The Answer Or Know Where To Find It

As I mentioned before, become the person with the solutions, but also know that if you cannot supply the answer immediately, know where to go and find the way forward for that person. This could be worth a fortune to you in future.

Here are three questions I have been asked recently during conversations and here are my responses:

Q How can I learn what to say to a prospective partner?

A When I wanted to become a professional at conversational dialogue I went to an expert, Michael Oliver at Natural selling. His newsletter is free and that has great tips. I purchased his book and the audio program. These tools plus plenty of practice taught me to be bold, powerful and confident when speaking to people.

Q What is the best way to learn blogging?

A I would suggest paying attention to Pro Blogger They have 1000s of posts with blogging advice, tips, and in-depth tutorials. Darren is the best at what he does.become-a-problem-solver

Q How do I get more leads?

A That is simple to overcome. I strongly suggest heading to MLSP My Lead System Pro. They are experts in generating leads.

You see questions 1 and 2 I would send you to experts in their field. I would not earn any money from recommendations, because the key is being totally honest and sending you in the best direction, not what i want. Question 3 is very easy also. I sent you to the best total marketing platform on the planet. Yes I would receive an affiliate commission if you went on and purchased, but I feel good about that, because MLSP are proven experts too and have been around the longest, as far as I know.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Become a problem solver.