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Become Exceptional. Be A Winner

Personally speaking I will always be a winner and winning has always been in my nature. Now assuming that you are not in the exalted position of being a total success in your chosen field, there is one question for you to to answer.

"How am I going to be a winner?" 

We hear the statement "Be a winner," a tremendous amount of the time and I hope you would agree that having a winner's mindset and the results that accompany that type of mindset are preferable to adopting a loser's mindset and finishing with very little.

For some people to get to a winning position, may well be an easy move, but for the vast majority, the transition from a losing position in life to the winner's circle is a road which most individuals are not be prepared to travel along, which I find amazing.

be a winnerI think the reasons are many and varied, but include those people who are too lazy or the cannot be bothered variety, right through to the people who just do not believe that it can ever happen for them. 

I am here to tell you that anyone can be a winner in home business or project, if they are willing to do whatever it takes and more to get there. So what does it take?

How To Be a Winner

There are many traits or skills that one could talk about here , when trying to describe what a person would need to acquire or develop in order to be a winner and I want to talk about 5 of those here and some of them may surprise you, who knows.

Be A Winner By Controlling Your Emotions

I think this is a major key to doing well and we all need to pay heed to this suggestion. 

I know for a large part of my life I never had this one worked out. Obviously I am not going to go into details and even if I wanted to, I am not sure I could explain it adequately enough.

However that being said, I now fully understand for you to be an outstanding success, you will need to be in total control of your personal feelings and emotions. You cannot lose your temper, lose your cool and lose control. It just doesn't pay business wise.

Controlling your emotions can be linked very strongly to your personal circumstances and the home environment that you find yourself in.  A settled home life is key to achieving emotional balance and raising your emotional intelligence. 

All five of these traits are inexplicably linked. It is all about knowing where you are going and being real cool, but at the same time brutally honest.

Be A Winner By Changing Your Attitude

Changing all of your attitudes (if they need changing of course) could be another massive area of concern or challenge. 

You have to have the attitude of a winner, period. If you are lazy, indolent or you just don't care, then this will reflect in your personal life, business and ultimately your life results.

Be a Winner By Expecting The Very Best To Happen

Expectation is another area where you will need to pay special attention, if you are to be on the winner's rostrum and collect any prizes.

I believe that you should have total expectation of success and winning. I expect the best and I expect to win. I expect nothing less than success. Do you?

Be A Winner By Developing Your Self Image

How you see and feel about yourself is extremely important in the game of life.

If you see yourself as a loser, guess what? You will lose. 

How you see yourself will show out to everyone else. In fact they will know what you don't, so do your level best to work on this part of your make up. Personal development videos and books are a great place to start.

Be A Winner By Learning To Chill Out

This is the fun part of the article. This is where you have a laugh, some fun and just enjoy life.

The key is to do this whilst you are enjoying your incredible journey of self discovery as an entrepreneur.

Find out what makes you smile and laugh. Do the things that are fun to do with your family. never lose sight of the reasons you are building something in the first place. 


To me learning to be a winner is all about how to feel inside and the level of control and discipline you can exert on yourself, that will make the difference in your results.

I know that you were probably expecting a different set of instructions, thoughts or more aggressive actions on your route to becoming a winner, but there is still time my friends, as you will find out when you move on to "Become A Warrior" tomorrow. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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