Be Lead By Your Dreams

Be Lead By Your Dreams Always

I came across a great quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be lead by your dreams.” I spent some time really thinking about this quote in relation to my life. But the key is how it impacts on you and your every day life? Think about this for a few moments.Be lead by your dreams.

I think we all agree that we have our fair share of problems. As Jim Rohn said, “It even rains on the rich.” So when you want to move forward with your business, are you controlled and directed by your challenges, hurdles or obstacles, or do you decide what it is that you want and go for that?

So Is There Any Hope?

If our problems herd us in a certain direction and that isn’t the way we really want to go, then maybe desperation starts to set in. Now you may not refer to it as desperate, but I think it may well be the right word to use. I think desperation is another word for rot. Has the rot permeated into your hopes and wishes? I hope it hasn’t.

In other words if you are choosing desperation over a more positive option, then the rot has already started to settle in and just maybe you are on the downward slope, a sharp decline or moving slowly backwards without realizing it.your dreams

Wouldn’t it be better to let inspiration guide you instead? We are all able to decipher this simple code, this fantastic way of living, aren’t we?

So is there a light at the end of the tunnel for any of us if we allow our problems to dominate our lives and decisions. Well, if we continue down that dark path, then maybe not. But I think that inspired activity should be placed firmly back on that accelerated fast track.

Why Be Led By Your Dreams?

Inspired dreams and the subsequent inspired activity stimulates excitement, growth and arouses bags of enthusiasm. Your dreams will definitely propel you forward at a better pace and momentum, than dwelling on what is going wrong.

The inspiration of your dreams will not only motivate you and put a big smile on your face, but they will also improve your whole environment in a big way. This will have a tremendous impact on the people around you, such as your family or business partners. If you get it right, then the knock-on effect can be gigantic.

It also makes good common sense to be lead by your dreams rather than living in years gone by, rather than the failures of the past. You will become a success rapidly, make money faster and achieve far more if you dream well, become affected by those quality dreams in a good way and feel good about life.

In Summary

Remember the vast majority of people, even in our network marketing profession, are not driven by their real wants and desires. They allow themselves to be manipulated by what has gone wrong previously or what is going wrong at the current time.

By employing fear and giving up on their ambitions, they themselves become the biggest thieves they will ever encounter and we all know what their destiny is going to be like and the results that they will end up with?

So be lead by your dreams and become totally inspired. You should never ignore your problems, you should dispatch them progressively and let inspiration move you along the right path.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

By lead by your dreams