Baby Boomers Retire To What?

Baby Boomers Retire And Then What’s The Plan?

Baby boomers retire and then life starts hopefully. So when baby boomers retire they get busy I guess. So what are the boomers up to, that makes life worth living and drives them to get up out of bed every day?  (Baby Boomers were born between 1946 to 1964. I was born in 1955, so that puts me slap bang in the middle)

Leisure Activities

In the sixties when I was growing up, the only thing I remember seeing was older people either playing golf or engaging in lawn bowls. Now the baby boomers are skiing and playing tennis, less combative but nevertheless great for the cardiovascular system and excellent for exercise boomers retire

You see, there is not only the health side to playing sports but the social element as well. I know plenty of boomers who fight the aging process by taking part in things like mountain biking, camping out, walking holidays and just general backpacking. So the boomers are mentally and physically fitter and living longer.

Business Opportunities

There is a massive target market here for recruiters, because the boomers are more mobile and less well off, due to the depressed job market, reduced savings return and dwindling pensions.

Spoilt for choice is the catchphrase at the moment, but it can be confusing. As a boomer do I invest in a large franchise, traditional business or do I look for an easier alternative? Hang on here, I am retired I do not want to saddle myself with the stress and worry of a franchise or bricks and mortar business. So what is the alternative?

Hey maybe I can try something like network marketing because I have heard you can make some pretty good money with some of those companies.

So, why is a home business opportunity good for a baby boomer?

  • You work for yourself, so there are no bosses ever.
  • You work when you want, you select a number of hours you want to work
  • You work where anywhere you want, either home, on your travels or the beach
  • Investment is minimal, thereby protecting your savings
  • The risk factor is extremely low unlike a franchise or traditional business

There are many varied reasons for choosing a network marketing or home business and you could have a tremendous amount of fun, world travel, and a wealthy retirement if you choose the right business opportunity.

Leisure activities and business opportunities are just two ways of enjoying your retirement. I work with people who are in excess of 65 and are so happy at this second chance to produce something worthwhile and stay completely active in their own world.

I am quite happy to advise any baby boomer who is considering a business opportunity as an alternative source of income. I have my own business opportunity, but I will not speak to anyone about it unless they ask. I have friends all around the world in all sorts of businesses and I can fully recommend many other good opportunities to you.

I believe baby boomers retire to do what they want to do when they want to do it and that is the way it should be. Good luck baby boomers!


To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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