Average Is For Losers

So, Is Average For Losers?

Average Is For Losers. True or false. Agree or disagree?This is a short blog entry was inspired by Seth Godin in his book, ‘The Dip’ which I can thoroughly recommend to you.

I believe that average is all about staying level and keeping what you have. This basically is stagnation and also very energy sapping for the individual who just wants to get by. The problem with average is that people want to be excited and inspired. You will not attract any quality prospects or winners by just being average. I can assure you that I do not want to be involved in average because it just doesn’t cut the mustard.average is for losers

The online world has completely changed in the last few years and it requires you to stand out from the crowd and be exceptional in what you do. So, how do you stand out and move from average to excellent? The key here is to produce authentic and totally original content, which people find interesting, informative and educational.

Now you know why the top 20% earn 80% of all the wealth. You have to be unique and become an expert in your specific field that you are in or decide an area where you would like to be outstanding in and go for it.

Michael Oliver would be a great example of an expert in the field of dialogue and conversations. Now I subscribed to his newsletter at¬† http://www.NaturalSelling.com and received that for two years. During that time Michael gave me a tremendous amount of free quality information and when I was ready to buy some material in the dialogue field I purchased two of Michael’s products. I didn’t even consider anyone else. Michael Oliver is exceptional in his field.

Being exceptional is all about doing it right and if it takes a little longer, so be it. So the biggest thing here is not to be average, because average is for losers.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Average is for losers.