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You Must Be Smart And Determined

October 16, 2013 paulbursey 0

In the network marketing industry you have some people who graft away and others who either do very little or absolutely nothing. Hey, that’s their own choice. If they wish to laze around and watch TV all day, good luck to them. So this article is aimed at those who make sweat equity their friend and ally.

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Right Place Right Time

October 15, 2013 paulbursey 0

In network marketing, yes absolutely, there is a right place and a right time for you. There will be a time when you are ready for the network marketing profession and there will be a specific company that rocks your world or floats your boat. In other words it ticks all the boxes and you feel that you have actually found a home.

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Chart A New Course

October 14, 2013 paulbursey 0

You never have to remain stuck or in a dip ever. You can always find a new way to do things and let your creative and innovative side work their magic. Basically you can chart a new course at any time you want. It is your life.

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I Expect To Win

October 8, 2013 paulbursey 0

When you begin a new project, sport, task or venture, do you say to yourself, “I expect to win?” The words you say to yourself or out aloud, may not be exactly the same, as long as they relate to the endeavor you are going to be engaged in. I expect to win.

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Keep The Pressure On

October 7, 2013 paulbursey 0

Applying the pressure on yourself daily keeps you in the game. It is the consistent habits and rituals you implement on regular basis that will determine the speed or momentum of your outcome.

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There Is No Turning Back This Time

October 5, 2013 paulbursey 0

I think that the key components are the goal that you set, the strong emotions that you feel on the way to attaining the goal, your ability to persist and the tenacity that you show on the journey to reach your end game or outcome.

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An Anxious Mind Can Defeat You Permanently

October 2, 2013 paulbursey 0

We have all had times when we have been face to face with situations that can become emotionally draining. As network marketers this can be discouraging, disheartening and distressing, although it isn’t directly to do with your business.

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No Shortcuts To Success In Order To Achieve

September 25, 2013 paulbursey 0

Yes, you can build at lightening speed, but the notion that the average person is going to become a superstar within 3 to 4 months is completely false. There are really no shortcuts to success, we all have to pay (enjoy) the price of success.

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Focus On Solutions Not Problems

September 23, 2013 paulbursey 0

How many people when faced with challenges, hurdles and obstacles say, “Woe is me.” They go weak at the knees, because things are not going according to plan? Why do people focus on the difficulty, when they should be focusing on the solution?

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Live Life Like You Mean It!

September 18, 2013 paulbursey 0

Ask yourself this question, “Could you be described as a determined type of person?” Yes or No? You see here is where the winners differentiate from the losers and also rans.

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Worry Stifles Your Growth

September 17, 2013 paulbursey 0

I speak to many people who seem to allow worry to dominate their lives and I find this very strange as it makes you feel awful. It is not something I engage in personally, because it just makes you feel lousy all day and I want to feel on top of the world as much as possible.

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Look Around There Are Opportunities

September 16, 2013 paulbursey 0

The biggest skills you can acquire in the area of recruiting are, awareness, vigilance and observation. You must start paying full attention to those people who may well be crying out for what you have to offer.

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Obstacles Stand In Your Way

September 15, 2013 paulbursey 0

It really doesn’t matter whether you are climbing a mountain, running a marathon or building a network marketing business. There will be some extremely interesting times ahead and you will have to face various battles, difficulties and demands that are placed upon you.

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Committed Versus Interested

September 13, 2013 paulbursey 0

I think that there is a big problem in the network marketing profession, when we refer to the word commitment. Unfortunately the vast majority of people are just not committed sufficiently enough to their goals.

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Are You As Committed And Determined As You Were?

September 11, 2013 paulbursey 0

I think that you know there are going to be highs and lows during your network marketing adventure. There will be good times and maybe even some bad, who knows? Sometimes things will go right and at other times it can go horribly wrong.

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Life Is Too Short To Convince People

September 10, 2013 paulbursey 0

Most of us think that we have a lot of time in our lives, but if you were to watch the sand in an hour glass, you would realize that time is actually moving very fast and it so precious. So is life too short? Yes, but it is the hand that we have been dealt.

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No-one Has The Power To Crush You

September 9, 2013 paulbursey 0

Would it be fair to say that most of us have felt a little down, when we have had a well meaning friend or concerned relative attack us verbally about our network marketing venture? I think for most people, it is a fact of life, that someone will either put us down or make us feel bad about what we are doing.

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Its Not Over Until You Win

September 7, 2013 paulbursey 0

Most people are just not used to winning in network marketing or any other area of life, But you need to adopt the winning mentality rapidly if you are to succeed. Remember it’s not over until you win.

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Relaxed Confidence Is The Way

September 4, 2013 paulbursey 0

Personally one of the biggest lessons I learnt was how to prospect and at the same time remaining totally relaxed. Professional yes, but in a cool, easy going and chilled out way. To recruit with a relaxed confidence is very appealing to your prospective partners.

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Keep Moving And Keep Fighting

September 3, 2013 paulbursey 0

Let me ask you a question here. Are you the type of person who keeps chipping away and completes fundamentals every day, specifically directed towards your business growth? You have to keep moving and keep fighting.

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Go After What You Want

August 19, 2013 paulbursey 0

I am suggesting to you, to go after what you want. Why Is That? Because most people don’t even try. They either go along with the crowd or just get hung up with working a job they hate. They lose their sparkle and never becoming involved in anything exciting or inspiring.

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You Have The Power To Win

August 15, 2013 paulbursey 0

There is absolutely nothing standing in your way. You can win and be successful in network marketing, if you put your mind in gear and go for it. You have the power to win.

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Focus On Where You Are Going

August 1, 2013 paulbursey 0

You should always focus intently on where you are going, because otherwise you may well become distracted and your goal, aim or purpose will be consigned to oblivion very quickly.

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Its Time To Believe In Yourself

July 24, 2013 paulbursey 0

It is time to belief in yourself, mainly because you haven’t done that in the past, have you. Yes you can say that you believe in yourself, but the real person you have to convince is you.

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Is There Fire In Your Belly?

July 11, 2013 paulbursey 0

If you don’t have fire in your belly, you are probably uninspired and not building your network marketing business or whatever else you are involved in. At some stage you will require that burn, that desire and that want to be present, if you are to succeed at anything.

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Stop Making Excuses For The Way Your Life Is Now

July 7, 2013 paulbursey 0

Normally speaking, everyone who starts network marketing in the same way. The noticeable differences between individuals include the amount of people they know, their self image, their attitude and their perceived status in their own world.

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Keep Your Head Up And Your Spirit Strong

July 5, 2013 paulbursey 0

If you are keeping your back straight, standing tall and your head up, you will feel more powerful. If you slouch and look down on the ground, you will represent defeat and weakness. It is a simple concept really, but it is something that a lot of people do not pay attention to. Remember keep your head up.

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You Can’t Play The Victim And Have Victory

July 3, 2013 paulbursey 0

Playing the victim, whinging and complaining, do not go hand in hand with success and achievement. People either join the a very ordinary large club or an exclusive club. Which one would attract you? Play the victim and wallow in mediocrity.