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Unsuccessful People Rarely Commit To Success

January 24, 2017 paulbursey 0

Unsuccessful People Rarely Commit. You must be prepared to take your commitment up to the level of the winner, the champion. Also to raise the quantity and quality of what you have been doing up until now. You are going to have to work harder and smarter than you have ever done before. It is going to take a complete mindset change. Forget the past and create a new YOU!

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Let Passion Be Your Master

January 16, 2017 paulbursey 1

No-one wants to waste time engaged in something that they do not love. If you want to master anything worthwhile you must be able to take delight and pleasure in what you do.

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Allow Possibility To Feed Your Mind

January 13, 2017 paulbursey 1

We have to allow possibility to enter your personal space and remain there. Possibility is the feel good factor and it makes me excited to be alive and still around to enjoy life. To me most things are possible in life.

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How To Unlock Your True Potential

January 12, 2017 paulbursey 1

Most people do not think about their potential and how to use the full amount that is available to them. But we should be looking to up our own game to the maximum. So ask yourself, “What abilities can I develop in myself?

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How To Overcome Fear As A Network Marketer

January 11, 2017 paulbursey 1

How to overcome fear is a real concern for individuals. Fear and anxiety affect almost everyone, at some stage in their lives. Some people hide and are imprisoned by their fears, whilst others find a way through the ordeal. But most float around in that grey area and learn to live with their anxious moments.

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Mastery Takes Total Immersion

January 6, 2017 paulbursey 1

Mastery in network marketing is all about domination and reaching an extremely high level of proficiency within this profession. This means dominating your particular niche with your skill sets and mindset, not by being superior to people.

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Choose Inner Peace

December 19, 2016 paulbursey 1

Choose Inner Peace Rather Than Chaos Why would a network marketer want to choose inner peace over stress? The reason might seem very obvious indeed. […]

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Show Up Every Day And Go For It

December 17, 2016 paulbursey 1

If you show up every day you are definitely on your way to where you want to go, but just remember you need to be present and get into massive action as quickly as possible..

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Practice And Sacrifice. Forget Sexy

December 13, 2016 paulbursey 1

When you take a look at sports champions, there are two words that seem to describe them better than most. These words stand head and shoulders above other great words and they are practice and sacrifice.

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How To Become A Rhino

November 10, 2016 paulbursey 1

How To BecomeĀ A Rhino In Network Marketing How to become a rhino is a question asked by many new distributors. Rhino development is a major […]

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Challenges Are Easy To Tackle

November 7, 2016 paulbursey 1

Challenges are easy to overcome at any time, regardless of the severity. Now challenges run all the way from hard obstacles to easy hurdles with everything in between and they can be crushed.

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Mindset Determines Success

October 26, 2016 paulbursey 0

Mindset Determines Success Always Mindset determines success for nearly all people. In other words it matters where your thoughts are when you start out.Your thinking, […]

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Busy Leader Or Effective Leader?

August 9, 2016 paulbursey 1

Bu11sy leader or effective leader? It is time to really find out the truth about yourself and your network marketing business. Are you the type of person who appears active,but spends most of his or her time shuffling papers or are you out there in the trenches making it happen regularly?