Attract Connect And Succeed

Attract Connect And Succeed Is The Pattern To Follow

Attract connect and succeed together is the process of attraction marketing but basically, these three words probably sum it all up.I suppose it is a bit like protocol, there are accepted ways of attracting the very best candidates towards your network marketing business.

Attract People All The Time

Without the first part of the equation, attraction, the rest is redundant. You have to be attractive to prospective partners and be a professional in your approach and posture, in relation to your business.attract connect and succeed

You have to offer people a way out or an answer to their hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Not only that, but you have to know what you are talking about and present it in such a way that it shows you as the expert.

You have to become a problem solver and present yourself as some kind of authority. Does it mean that you have all of the answers? No, but you better know where to obtain the answers or at least be able to point someone in the right direction.

Remember that you only have a few seconds to make that first impression, so make sure you do it right.

Connect With People On A Regular Basis

So you have now attracted a great prospect and it is now time to contact them by telephone.

Now it is all about the quality of your connection or dialogue that will probably dictate the success of the communication process. What does this mean to you?

Again the first communication is vital and it is all about that first impression yet again. So when you speak to your prospective new partner be thoroughly professional, but be yourself and above all else be human.

When you are in dialogue with someone use confident speech, smile and be really nice. This doesn’t mean that you are pinning all of your hopes on this one person and do not take it personally whatever the outcome.

Know what you want to say and ask during the conversation and make good notes. The key here is to find out about this person and what they want. Then tie in their goal with your business model and just get them the information.

Everything you do has to be streamlined, extremely simple and duplicatable.

But again it will be the quality of the conversation you have and the rapport you can build, in a short space of time, that will be the deciding factors in whether this person joins you or not.

Succeed By Following A Simple Process

So you now have the attraction and connection parts going very well. You now need to succeed and this is where your professionalism kicks in big time.

What are we talking about here? It is continued attraction in the form of leadership and the continuation of the dialogue process,

At this stage, it is all about the quality and quantity of your follow up. It is a combination of making sure the communication channels stay open, the conversations are quality conversations and you promote, promote and promote.

Stick to your particular system as much as possible, mainly because they will duplicate what they see you do.

Persistence and consistency are key here on moving forward and being a total success.

The last thing you must do is play the numbers game for two reasons. One you don’t know who is going to join you, although you should expect everyone to sign up and two is practice and being seen to be doing the business regularly.

Success will come if your attitude is great and you follow the system with a massive action plan. So the name of the game is to attract, connect and succeed. It takes time so you must stick in there and do it the right way.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Learn to attract connect and succeed.

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