Asking Quality Questions Is A Hidden Art

Asking Quality Questions Will Help You Find The Reasons

I believe that asking quality questions is essential. if you are attempting to build a network marketing or MLM business. There are two areas where this will have great impact.asking quality questions

The first is in the area of recruiting and selecting the ideal prospect for your business and the second is assisting your team to become leaders and helping them achieve their goals.

In this article, I am going to concentrate on recruiting and your selection of the right people.

Early on in your business I believe that it is critical to speak to and learn from your upline and the training calls. You have to be authentic, but at the same time make sure that what you are doing can be duplicated throughout your team.

Your personality must come out when you are speaking to new people but what you say must be reasonably brief and to the point.

So, what types of questions are you going to ask them?

Open questions These will be flexible questions that get the person talking, and give them plenty of room to manoeuvre. such as:- ‘What do you do for a living?’, ‘How long have you been doing that?’ and ‘Do you like your job?’

Closed questions These will be fixed types of questions that will bring either a yes or a no, such as:- ‘Do you feel that this business will allow you to do that?’ or ‘At this stage are you in or are you out?’

Probing questions These are specific questions that will need more explanation than a one word answer. These questions will provide you with more information about the prospect, such as:- ”How would that make you feel?’ or ‘What would be the consequences of staying at your present job?’

Reflective questions You can use these types of questions to confirm an answer, clarify a situation further or sumarise their current situation, such as:- ‘So, you are looking for more flexibility in your life and have the ability to work at home, is that correct?’

This is an art form and not an overnight learning curve.

If you want to know more then go to and pay attention to Michael Oliver, he is one of the finest coaches on this subject.

I purchased some of his material and it was well worth the investment. He also has a free newsletter that you can join.

Your success in the home business industry will enhanced by learn the skill of asking questions.

So, is asking quality questions an art? You bet your bottom dollar it is and if you speak to anyone who has had any degree of success in this industry and they will tell you the same.

Asking questions, adopting the right mindset and posture, mixed with integrity and sincerity. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey