Thrown To The Wolves

So Are Your Prospective Partners Thrown To The Wolves?


I pray that your prospects are thrown to the wolves rapidly. If they do not qualify for your precious time. What you should be doing is looking to disqualify people as quickly as possible. 

Why should you look to disqualify people rapidly and throw them to the wolves? 

Well, first of all, it depends on what business you are trying to build and how you are building it. Personally, at this moment in time, my adverts are pitched at people who want to earn in excess of six figures a year, because that is just the type of person I want to work with. I do not speak to everyone the same way. It will depend on whether they are going to be customers or leaders. Obviously, I am going to be tough on prospective aces.

Throw Out A Challenge

My prospects are thrown to the wolves in quick time. So when I interview prospective partners I try to make it slightly difficult and make it a challenge for them. I tell them what I am looking for, but before I do that, I ask them a very searching question. “Give me two or three of your top strengths, things that make you stand out from the crowd?”

So let us assume that your potential partner stated that he or she was persistent, tenacious and an action taker.  I would take it one step further because people can say anything and will. So there must be a follow-up question or questions that back up what their statements. I would say something like, “Give me an example where you have shown persistence in the past?” 

The main reason I am looking to disqualify quickly is that I do not want to waste my valuable time and theirs. I have no time for tire kickers and believe me there are thousands out there. Weak people are tiresome, frustrating and energy sappers, so they are thrown to the wolves rapidly.

I tell them what I am looking for and that is someone with huge desire, boundless energy, motivated self-starters and someone with a winning mentality. I ask them, “Does that describe you?” It is a bit like poking them in the chest. Only the strong survive, because I tell them, “I am going to the top, do you want to come with me?”thrown to the wolves

Three Strikes And You’re Out

So are my prospective partners thrown to the wolves very quickly, you bet they are. They know, having spoken to me, whether they can cut it or not and they let me know, by their answers, attitude, confidence, posture and the tonality of their voice. I use the old, “Three strikes and you’re out.” rule and that is the maximum. Sometimes I will disqualify a person, if they sound weak in voice, without waiting for anything else. Is that being very hard? Absolutely, that is the way it has to be for me.

I learned this technique whilst as a police officer, although it was slightly different as I was speaking to criminals, the principles are exactly the same in practice. Let me give you a short example. I stop a person who is believed to be in possession of a stolen checkbook. You find that when you question a suspect, they have all the first level answers ready to the first set of questions. “What is your name, address, and date of birth?” most of those questions they get right and I really know that already.

Then we get down to the real nitty-gritty and the second level questions. Here are three questions they always got wrong. Now bear in mind I was looking directly at the checkbook they were representing was theirs. 

1) “What is exact address of your bank?” 2) “What is your middle initial?” 3) “Tell me about one specific cheque you have written out?” (In the UK there is a small piece of paper attached to the cheque, that stays in the checkbook after you have written the cheque out and handed it to the seller. Normally, these cheque stubs are written on, which shows a record of the transaction.)

Now occasionally someone passed the second test, so we had to have a third test ready and waiting, which included questions, such as, “Give me the telephone number of any relative of yours, so I can call them and they can confirm who you are?” This was 100% foolproof, by the way.

You Must Keep Asking Questions

Now, what has that to do with dialogue between you and your prospect? Well, the key here is to keep asking questions, not in the form of an interrogation, but as part of a normal job interview. It can still be reasonably light-hearted and conversational, but business like. I can tell you that if you were to follow this method or something approaching it, you would end up only be working with sensible and committed people. You know the type of person I am talking about here, someone who just get on with things, without the need for pumping up every month.

When you are searching for gold you need to be nicely ruthless and let them go quickly. Make sure they are thrown to the wolves in a nice way. “Thank you for your time, but I do not feel we have a match here. I wish you well on your search and in the future.” You do it with a smile and leave a good taste in their mouth. It is important for them and it is vital for you to feel good as well.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey