Are You Winning This Game Called Network Marketing?

Are You Winning In Life Generally?

I hope that you are succeeding at your MLM or network marketing business.

are you winningWhen I mention succeeding, what do I mean? Well, success to one person, may not be a success to another, so I think the key here is to ask yourself some powerful, quality and searching questions about you and your business. These questions will probably be unique to you personally and to your specific opportunity. (Hopefully you are with a quality company)

But there are a few good quality questions I would ask you if we were discussing the matter of success. Now bear in mind 95% of people in our industry do not make any decent money.

The first question I would ask you is this, “How much money am I making?” So I would be asking you about your best day, week, month and year. So come on take a look in the mirror, ask yourself these questions and listen to yourself tell the truth.

Now I am well aware that when you first start a business, it will take some time to turn the amount of time you spend in your business to cold hard cash. However, there comes a time when money will give you some kind of measure as to how well you are doing and the service that you are providing.

The second question would be this, “What value am I bringing to the marketplace?” As Jim Rohn used to say, “We primarily get paid for value.” Is this important to you,┬áit should be. The value could be in the form of some great products that are in demand or useful information.

The third question would be, “What am I doing to become a professional in my field of endeavor?” There are quite a few things that you need to do, such as mastering marketing and social media. Most people just do not do what is required to master their chosen opportunity within the home based business industry.

I am sure there are many other top quality questions you could ask yourself and you should. The key point here is to decide how long you want to take to get good at what you do. Remember tough times do not last, but tough people do.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Are you winning?

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