Too Weak To See This Through

So Are You Too Weak To See This Through?


A lot of people believe that are too weak to see their network marketing business through to fruition or completion.

Can I ask you a question here. Why did you come into your particular business opportunity? Because I bet when you first saw the opportunity you were excited and being 'too weak' did not enter your mind at all. 

So why do you feel too weak now?

It is a bit like buyer's remorse kicking in and you come face to face with reality. Oh my God, what have I done?

To make you feel a little better, most people have regrets and doubts when they enter a new phase of their life or begin a new venture, because what happens is that you are entering a place that you have never been before or it is a reminder of past failures.

too weak to see this throughYou have also taken the big plunge and jumped out of your comfort zone and now you want to jump right back from where you cam from, thereby avoiding any hurdles or obstacles. 

So are you too weak to pull this off? In my opinion, for some of you, yes and you should quit very quickly. But for many people the answer is no. I believe you have what it takes to shine in your respective business, but it must come from within.

Okay smarty pants, what can I do starting tomorrow, that will make the big difference?

First of all make an aggressive decision right now, and tell yourself that you are good enough and strong enough to pull this off successfully, without consideration of failure.

Secondly, get right on the telephone with someone who knows what they are talking about and take part in some productive planning and a top quality strategy session. This person must be at the place that you want to get to, because they will guide, assist and mentor you, if you are serious and determined.

Lastly go and work on yourself, so that you can build fast and with absolute confidence. So the areas of personal development and self growth, take centre stage in your life. These areas need to be worked on every day from now on.

Never use or acknowledge the word weak again, from this moment on, in relation to yourself. Make doubt a thing of the past and make tenacity and persistence, your watch words from now on.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey