Are You Too Overcautious?

So, Are You Too Overcautious?

Do you look on the dark, negative side of everything? You know what I mean, when you are faced with an opportunity, challenge, problem or obstacle and you expect things to go wrong.

Now, be honest with yourself, because this can have a great impact on how successful you are with your home business, mlm or network marketing experience. look in the mirror and say to yourself, ‘Am I a person who looks on the positive side of life or the negative side?’are you too overcautious

Do you just go for it or do you talk yourself out of it. As Jim Rohn said, ‘Some people are studying the roots and others are picking the fruit. It depends on what end you want in on’ (or similar).

I think it is wise to be aware of what is happening around you, but not to be a person who is always looking at the bad, dark or sinister side of life.

I can tell you, being a former police detective, that is easy to do that and believe me it will have a great impact on how you see life, what you achieve and whether people will like to be around you or not. Personally, I only concentrate on succeeding at whatever I decide to start.

Do I have periods where I lapse back a bit, sure. But most of the time I expect the best and normally get it. Get a piece of white A4 paper and place a small dot or a very small house in the middle. I would ask people, ‘What do you see?’ Many people say, ‘I see a dot or a very small house.’

A person who looks on the positive side of life will say something like, ‘I see all this white area where there is so much room to build a fantastic home, maybe a swimming pool.’ etc You see you have the choice to view life how you chose to.

You find that people who are overcautious tend to put things off and wait for the traffic lights to be green. They avoid failure and expect disaster, most of the time. Remember waiting or putting off becomes a serious habit that will ace your future. If you expect good to happen, it normally does.

If you expect bad to happen, you will probably be proved correct also. Look, bad things happen in life, that person is still going to die in a car accident, but it is important how you deal with that incident, moving forward. It rains on the wealthy.

Be a bit more of a risk taker because it is exciting and interesting. Failure isn’t an option for me, is it for you?

So are you too overcautious and unwilling to put yourself out there? We shall see.

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Paul Bursey

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Are You Too Overcautious?

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