Are You Thinking Proactively?

So, Are You Thinking Proactively?

Let me give you a simple example of thinking proactively. Now, I work as a health and safety instructor and my job is to go into care homes and talk to care staff about avoiding slips, trips falls and back injuries etc. Are you thinking proactively?

So let’s take back injuries, for instance, it is all about thinking proactively. Now most people do not care how they pick something up from the floor, do they? Picking a pen from the floor seems simple and there does not appear to be a way that you can receive an injury. But you could get injured the first time or after one thousand times, so immediate or accumulated.

So, thinking proactively, how would you avoid an injury or at least the possibility of an injury? Well, most people just stoop down and pick up the pen. The intelligent proactive type of people who pay attention to the details, stop and think momentarily. They then crouch down or kneel down and pick up the pen and at the same time keep their backs as straight as possible.


are you thinking proactivelyLet’s take another example here. An internet marketer will be successful if he makes things happen and doesn’t wait for that magical answer. So he or she finds ways of making money or capturing a person’s email address, rather than waiting for someone to show them. Although we all need a coach or mentor at some stage.

So part of thinking proactively is knowing exactly what you want and then implementing a specific action or actions to achieve the goal or goals, before the rot sets in and you become stale. Most people use the manana method of action-taking and never get going.

Thinking proactively means being adaptable and innovative in a fast-changing world. It means self-initiating projects and basically taking control. In other words becoming a leader and not remaining a follower.

Thinking proactively basically means making things happen now and not waiting for circumstances to change on their own. You anticipate obstacles, challenges, and hurdles before anyone else does and move forward by setting the pace and being a pioneer.

Thinking proactively also means not waiting to receive a warning, order or suggestion, it is about finding solutions before the problem emerges, you know, acting in advance, taking a bit of a gamble on the future and taking the bull by the horns and attacking the problem before it exists.

Thinking proactively is not taking things for granted. It is the ability to keep on your toes and introduce the art of flexibility into your life so you can see in all directions and act rapidly.

Part of thinking proactively is having the ability to make fast decisions, being alert to what is happening around you. So this would bring sharpness, observation, and awareness into the mix.

You see most people are not thinking proactively at all. They wait around for things to happen and react accordingly. Successful people in all walks of life are those ones who can see what is going to happen, in the case of trends and create a product or service, where nothing existed previously.

Everyone else is just getting out of bed and the razor-sharp entrepreneur has marketed his product or service first, making him or her an authority in that particular subject.

So I hope this blog entry has made you sit up and think about a few things and has now got you thinking proactively yourself.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Are you thinking proactively